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Madison Judge Strikes Down Clergy Law

court hammerThe judge who gave us casino gambling in Wisconsin struck down a law that gives clergy tax-free housing allowances.

Madison federal judge strips clergy of tax-free housing allowances
Sunday, November 24, 2013 8:27 a.m. CST

MADISON, WI (WTAQ) – A federal judge in Wisconsin struck down a law that gives clergy tax-free housing allowances.

Friday’s decision centers on a lawsuit filed by a Madison-based special interest group, the Freedom from Religion Foundation. he group claims pastors could take advantage of a 1954 law that would allow for “double dipping” on untaxed income to purchase a home.

In her ruling, Judge Barbara Crabb says the exception provides, “a benefit to religious persons and no one else”.

Read more at 1360 WTAQ.

What do you think?

Federal Judge Rules Wisconsin ACT 10 Constitutional

English: Protesters from the AFSCME march arou...
English: Protesters from the AFSCME march around the Wisconsin State Capitol, demonstrating against Governor Scott Walker’s collective bargaining restriction on unions. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WUPN – More good news for the tax payers of Wisconsin.

Judge rules Wisconsin’s union reforms constitutional
Brendan O’Brien
6:06 p.m. CDT, September 11, 2013

(Reuters) – Wisconsin’s collective bargaining reforms, which prompted strong protests from organized labor, do not violate the free speech and equal protection rights of public sector union workers, a federal judge ruled on Wednesday.

The reforms, passed in 2011 by Republican lawmakers, severely limit the bargaining power of public sector unions while forcing most state workers to pay more for benefits such as health insurance and pensions. They also made payment of union dues voluntary and forced unions to be recertified every year.

“This case proves, once again, that (the reforms are) constitutional in all respects and that the challenges to the law are baseless,” said State Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen.

The laws sparked efforts to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and some Republican lawmakers who voted for them. Walker survived a recall election last year.

Federal Judge William Conley in Madison wrote in his ruling that the First Amendment grants public employees the right to free speech and association, but does not grant them collective bargaining rights.

Read more at The Chicago Tribune.

Doesn’t look good for school districts and teachers unions that extended contracts that might now be found illegal. Unions could take another hit! All those protests in Madison in 2011 for not!

Hopefully one more hurdle and the State Supreme Court rules positive on ACT 10.

What are your thoughts on ACT 10?


FDA O K’s 15 Yr Old’s To Buy Birth Control Pills

Fda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The slippery slope moves further. When will nine and ten year old girls be able to buy birth control pills.

May 1, 2:47 AM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a surprise twist to the decade-plus effort to ease access to morning-after pills, the government is lowering the age limit to 15 for one brand – Plan B One-Step – and will let it be sold over the counter.

Today, Plan B and its generic competition are sold behind pharmacy counters, and people must prove they’re 17 or older to buy the emergency contraception without a prescription. A federal judge had ordered an end to those sales restrictions by next Monday.

But Tuesday, the Food and Drug Administration approved a different approach: Plan B could sit on drugstore shelves next to condoms, spermicides or other women’s health products – but to make the purchase, buyers must prove they’re 15 or older at the cash register.

Read more at The AP. Source, Drudge Report.

Is this where society is going? How far will liberals go? When will birth contol pills be handed out at schools to kindergarten children? If you have to prove your age for birth control, why is it wrong to ask for an I D to vote?

What do you think?

Michigan: Militia Members Acquitted

In order as shown: Tina Mae Stone, Joshua Matt...
In order as shown: Tina Mae Stone, Joshua Matthew Stone, David Brian Stone Sr., David Brian Stone Jr., Thomas William Piatek, Michael David Meeks, Kristopher T. Sickles, Joshua Clough, Jacob J. Ward (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Judge acquits 7 Hutaree militia members accused of terrorist overthrow plot
4:31 PM, March 27, 2012

In a sharp rebuke, a federal judge today acquitted seven members of a Lenawee County militia group of plotting to overthrow the U.S. government with weapons of mass destruction.

U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts said federal prosecutors failed in five weeks of trial to prove that the Hutaree had a specific plan to kill a police officer and attack law enforcement personnel.

While the testimony showed that Hutaree leader David Stone Jr. “may have wanted to engage in a war with the federal government … it is totally devoid of any agreement to do so between Stone and the other defendants,” Roberts said in a 28-page decision.

“This plan is utterly short on specifics,” Robert said, adding that, “it is a stretch to infer that other members of the Hutaree knew of this plan, and agreed to further it.”

Read more at Detroit Free Press.

Don’t think Eric Holder at DOJ is very happy today.