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Tomah-gate, 2/24/15, Baldwin Still Silent

Tomah-gate continues.

A story about the controversy at the Tomah VA. It expands on what happened, when was it reported and what did Wisconsin representatives do.

The report talks to Wisconsin Congressman  Ron Kind, Senator Ron Johnson and Senator Tammy Baldwin. Well at least they asked Baldwin to answer some questions. Continue reading Tomah-gate, 2/24/15, Baldwin Still Silent

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Wisconsin Chancellor Making $495,000 Per Year

Here’s a story to go along with the protesting that will begin in Madison today.

A story about the University of Wisconsin Madison chancellor. In the real world, the people of Wisconsin can only dream about being paid $495,000 a year.

Rebecca Blank, the taxpayer-funded chancellor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has sent a number of emails to alumni openly lobbying against a budget proposed by Republican Gov. Scott Walker that includes cuts to higher education.
Blank, who was hired in 2013, collects a base salary of $495,000, plus various perks and benefits.
The posh income puts Blanks squarely in the top one percent among all Wisconsin residents.
The median income for a family of four in Wisconsin is $81,373, according to federal government data. Thus, Blank enjoys a salary $413,627 greater than the income of a typical Wisconsin nuclear family.
About $100,000 of Blank’s salary comes from privately-endowed funding sources. The remaining $395,000 is courtesy of Wisconsin’s taxpayers.
As of 2012, Walker’s salary was $144,423 — well over $300,000 less than Blank’s. (They work in the same city.)
 A Feb. 5 email from Blank sternly rebukes Walker for his plan to reduce government spending.

Read the full story via Wisconsin Chancellor Vs. Scott Walker | The Daily Caller.

$495,000 plus perks and a free mansion (read here) to live in. Doesn’t every Wisconsinite have a free mansion to live in? But please, don’t cut the U W systems budget!

Will Blank be protesting with labor unions today or will the Right to Work news overtake and put the UW Budget cuts on the back burner?


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Wisconsin, SB44, AB61, Right To Work, Links, Hearings, Schedules

Just in case your interested in state government, some links to the Wisconsin Legislature posted this morning.

Bill texts, schedules and more.

Continue reading Wisconsin, SB44, AB61, Right To Work, Links, Hearings, Schedules

Wisconsin Unions, Past, Present and Future

Wiscosnin Unions - image
Wiscosnin Unions – image

More reporting on declining union membership in Wisconsin since ACT 10. Interesting read on the plight union members are up against.

The story tells the present union membership problems, the attitude of people towards the unions and how some members still have it in them.

Their hate for Scott Walker, their  arrogance and their so they think, superiority over the rest of the people of Wisconsin. And let’s not forget, the only way they get their way, with the fist. Continue reading Wisconsin Unions, Past, Present and Future

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Scott Walker’s Boring Tweets

This is a few days old but is interesting, the man who is thinking about running for President enjoys Twitter. The media is having a hard time with it.

Walker’s so anti cool, the opposite of President Obama.

Scott Walker, nothing here, move along.

Continue reading Scott Walker’s Boring Tweets

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Tomah-gate: Senator Tammy Baldwin, Ethics Complaint

It seems Tomah-gate, the story about problems involving the Tomah Wisconsin VA center and Democrat, Wisconsin Senator, Tammy Baldwin keeps expanding. An ethics complaint has been filed against Baldwin concerning a severance package Baldwin offered a former employee. Continue reading Tomah-gate: Senator Tammy Baldwin, Ethics Complaint

Text Of Proposed Wisconsin “Right To Work” Bill (pdf)

Right To Work - image,
Right To Work – image,

The proposed text of the Wisconsin Right To Work bill that will be taken up next week in the states legislature is out.

LRB-0956/1. Right to work bill draft. Information from Right Wiscosnin and The Wheeler Report

This will move fast.

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Congressional Hearing On Tomah VA , Tammy Baldwin MIA

We see a congressional hearing will be held in Tomah over the VA scandal involving patients. From all the different stories about this, one thing is missing from all stories, the name, Wisconsin’s Senator Tammy Baldwin. Continue reading Congressional Hearing On Tomah VA , Tammy Baldwin MIA

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What Is Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin Hiding

We have to wonder how far this story will go with the main stream media or will the media hide or keep the stroy under the radar of the people of Wisconsin.

Senator Tammy Baldwin seems to be hiding from questions surrounding her lack of follow through on the V A scandal in Tomah Wisconsin.

It should be interesting when and what the top aid who was fired will say about this. Continue reading What Is Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin Hiding

Wis. Senate Leader Says No Gas Tax Hike

Scott Fitzgerald
Scott Fitzgerald

It’s good to see leadership in the Wisconsin Senate. It’s also good to see republicans are for the tax payers. Remember the days of Jim Doyle. There wasn’t a tax increase or fee increase they didn’t like.

State Senator Scott Fitzgerald, republican from Juneau said no to any discussion to raising Wisconsin gasoline taxes. He puts the people of Wisconsin first. Continue reading Wis. Senate Leader Says No Gas Tax Hike

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Saputo: Strike Authorization Vote Approved In Lena

Looks like a strike will happen in Lena Wisconsin. The Saputo cheese plant union employees authorized a strike this coming Sunday.

Union workers at Saputo's cheese plant in Lena overwhelmingly supported a strike authorization on Sunday.
"It's lining us up just in case there's action that needs to be taken," said Tom Strickland, a business agent with Green Bay-based Teamsters Local 662. "By no means does it mean we're going on strike."
Strickland says the 459 production, maintenance and warehouse employees have been operating without a contract for nearly 2 years. At issue are unaffordable health insurance, no pay raises, favoritism and a general lack of respect.

Read more via Strike authorization vote from Saputo union workers approved – News – WTAQ News Talk 97.5FM and 1360AM.