Editorial, Elections

Mary Burke, Another Broken Promise?

No Comments 10 September 2014

We see this editorial from the Appleton Post Crescent. It talks about the real blame for the Wisconsin Covenant, a program that then Gov. Jim Doyle, promised eighth-graders, financial help for college back in 2007 that is no longer available to them. via Editorial: Blame Doyle for end of Wisconsin Covenant. Give the Appleton Post [...]

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The Calendar Says It’s Winter, Do You Hate It

No Comments 12 December 2013

Do you hate winter? Looking at the thermometer, did winter come early or is this just winter? Steve Prestegard from southeastern Wisconsin writes about winter without saying one nasty word. Etc.: Why I Hate Winter By Steve PrestegardEditor, Platteville Journal The calendar says winter doesn’t start until Dec. 21. The calendar lies. Meteorological winter is, [...]

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Scott Walker, Wisconsin’s Anti Casino, Anti Jobs Governor

No Comments 27 August 2013

WUPN  Editorial – Who is Governor Scott Walker? Is he the governor who puts the Wisconsin’s economy and all people of the state first? On his web site he stands for creating jobs, developing our workforce, reforming government and more. Is he the same governor who was elected twice in two years after promising 250,000 jobs [...]

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What Does Detroit, Madison and Milwaukee Have In Common

No Comments 25 July 2013

WUPN – An interesting comparison from Steve Prestegard. This explains Madison perfectly by Steve Prestegard The Washington Examiner did a little number-crunching and found out that bankrupt Detroit has one city government employee for every 61 residents. The Examiner then compared Detroit to other U.S. cities, and found 19 of them with a larger ratio [...]

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Media vs Media From Madison Wisconsin

No Comments 11 June 2013

WUPN – If you haven’t heard, there’s a big deal going on in Madison Wisconsin. We find this from the Presteblog about the hub bub of one media outlet in Madison getting free rent from the UW system. Other media outlets and conservative talk radio weigh in on the conflict.  This is a big deal [...]

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Editorial, Wisconsin

Will Gov. Scott Walker Use Frankenstein Veto Pen

No Comments 06 June 2013

WUPN- With the process of the Wisconsin budget working it’s way through Madison, we ask if Governor Scott Walker will eventually use the power he has with the Frankenstein veto? What is the Frankenstein veto? From Wikipedia. A Frankenstein veto occurs when an American state Governor selectively deletes words from a bill, stitching together the [...]

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Prestegard: If I Were A State Legislator

No Comments 31 May 2013

WUPN – Steve Prestegard at the Presteblog writes about Wisconsin income tax cuts which is being discussed and kicked around in Madison. A fighter for tax payers, Steve calls out what should be done in the state budget. BETTER THAN NOTHING, AND BETTER THAN WALKER’S PLAN If I were a state legislator, I would certainly [...]

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Owen Robinson At Boots and Sabers, Thanks For The Memories

2 Comments 21 May 2013

WUPN  – We see that Owen Robinson at Boots and Sabers, a conservative blogger that has been around for the last ten years is done writing at his blog. The following was from Boots and Sabers. Decade Ten years ago today, B&S was birthed by Jed. It’s been a fun ride. Thank you all for [...]

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Wisconsin Republicans, Lost On Education????

No Comments 07 April 2013

We find this story from James Wigderson who lives to the south in Waukesha County and writes for the Waukesha Freeman and his own blog. Why did Don Pridemore lose this past Tuesday for the post of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction? Why are some republicans in Wisconsin running from the party on education? [...]

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Editorial, Michigan

Editorial: Ground Shaking In Houghton

No Comments 07 March 2013

The earth trembled. The ground under Upper Michigan began to shake. Was it a mine collapse, an earthquake? Luckily, it was neither. It was a local government entity sequester scare from the Houghton area. A story about government programs in the area. Local programs to be cut during sequester March 6, 2013 By KURT HAUGLIE – DMG writer ([email protected]) [...]

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