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Second Trek Employee Confirms Mary Burke Fired?

A second former employee of Trek Bike confirms Mary Burke was fired from her family company in the early 1990’s.

Dan O’Donnell at 1130 WISN in Milwaukee has the story with audio of what the people of Wisconsin should know. Mary Burke is not qualified to be the next governor of Wisconsin. 

In 1993, Tom Albers learned about big problems with Trek Bicycle Corporation’s European division.  Sales numbers were down, and employees were in a near mutiny against the young woman Trek founder Richard Burke had put in charge.

Albers, Trek’s Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, served as Burke’s second-in-command and suddenly had to navigate a very difficult situation.

The head of Trek’s European division was his boss’ daughter, Mary.

“She reported directly to her brother John, who served as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing,” Albers recalls.  “He reported directly to me, and I reported to their father, Dick.”

via Former Trek President and CEO Confirms Mary Burke was Fired | Common Sense Central on News/Talk 1130 WISN.

A second story from JS Online verifies the second trek official who brings to the surface the reason Mary Burke was let go at her families company in Europe. Even though the Milwaukee paper tries to link the story, a conservative slant, it still reports the bad news for democrat voters, the democrat party of Wisconsin and Mary Burke herself.

You can read the story here, “Ex-Trek execs with conservative ties say Mary Burke was forced out”

We don’t understand why the democrat party of Wisconsin and it’s leader Mike Tate did not vet Burke before putting her on high for governor of Wisconsin?

Hard core democrats would vote for anyone including a potted plant to force Scott Walker out of the highest position in the state of Wisconsin. At least they could of found a qualified candidate. 

What will democrats do at the ballot box?

Do the voters in Wisconsin really want to vote for Mary Burke as governor of the state?

Why are some Wisconsin media outlets still not reporting this story? Nothing here, move along????????????

What do you think?

Vinehout, image

Wisconsin Democrats Have Option For Governor

In our view.

As a public service announcement in the upcoming election, we think on November 4th, Wisconsin democrats do have an option on who to vote for for governor. Since some are not happy with Mary Burke being forced upon them, some can always write in Kathleen Vinehout for governor.

Vinehout at least has a track record of running government and would have a better handle on the duties of the state? Instead of staying home because of Burke, some democrats can still vote for governor and at least feel good about their vote.

So Wisconsin democrats, write in;

K A T H L E E N  V I N E H O U T

for governor.

What do you think?

Burke Talks Gasoline Taxes

So what will Mary Burke do if elected governor about gasoline taxes?

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke said she thinks Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal to replace the state’s gas tax with a sales tax is just shifting money around without addressing the problem.

“I’d be looking to address the real issue, which is how are we going to fund the transportation infrastructure in a way that is going to make sure Wisconsin’s economy is growing and that we have the transportation infrastructure to address that,” she said during a campaign stop in Ledgeview at the BelGioioso Cheese plant.

via Burke talks gas tax during Ledgeview stop.

What do liberals do if they are short of money? She won’t say but you know! Raise taxes!!!!! 

We see Burke raising gasoline taxes through the roof to pay for bike paths around the state. She also will start spending money to build mass transit? Doesn’t her family own a bike company? What a fit. 

Hold on to your purse and wallet. Why would you vote for Mary Burke.

What do you think?


Attorney General Debate, Happ Forgot Child Molester

After the first Wisconsin Attorney General Debate yesterday, it seems Susan Happ is not ready to be elected AG of the state. She seems to get her timelines wrong on a conflicts of interest. 

Wisconsin attorney general hopeful Brad Schimel blasted opponent Susan Happ as a liberal activist looking to pursue a partisan agenda as the two candidates criticized each other’s philosophies during their first debate Sunday.

Happ sounded frustrated at one point when Schimel brought up the case of Daniel Reynolds, an alleged child molester who bought Happ’s house.

“If there’s an appearance of conflict, prosecutors must screen themselves off. That’s what I did,” Happ said.

She said the case came to her office in 2013, after the home sale had been completed. Schimel’s campaign insisted after the debate that the case came into her office in 2012 while the sale was still pending. Happ’s campaign spokesman said in an email to The Associated Press that Happ meant to say 2012.

Read more from the Green Bay P G via Attorney general debate shows differing philosophies.

Is this a case of a democrat in over their head for Wisconsin’s next Attorney Generals office? If she had nothing to do with the case of a child molester buying her house, doesn’t she remember the year it happened?

Will the people of the state really vote for Happ?

What do you think? 

We see Brad Schimel as the right person for AG of Wisconsin.




Burke, Not Experienced Debater

After watching the Wisconsin gubernatorial debate between Mary Burke and Scott Walker last night, we have to disagree with JSOnline out of Milwaukee about Mary Burke and her debate skills.

In general, Burke largely answered the panelists’ questions and the criticisms from Walker, a much more experienced debater, without the long pauses that she has sometimes given to tough questions on the campaign trail.

One exception was the moment when both candidates were asked to name something that they admired in the other.

Walker answered first, praising Burke for her philanthropic work with students in the Madison area. Burke had to grope for her answer, seizing at last on the governor’s efforts to reduce domestic violence.

Read the entire JSOnline story via Walker and Burke debate abortion, minimum wage, jobs.

A few takes on Mary Burke.

At the beginning of the debate, it seemed Mary was a deer in the headlights. Democrats who watched, must of held their breath hoping Burke could make it through the night with out any big gaffes or mistakes. Republicans were waiting for the real Mary Burke to arrive, plagiarism, untrue attacks, lies and all knew Walker would hold his own and do just fine.

We wonder how many republicans played the drinking game with Mary Burke? If you drank after every AHHH from Burke, it was a good but not great night under the rules of the game. Throughout the first half Burke held her own, a few ahhhs to keep your whistle wet. Then she was asked to say something positive about Scott Walker. If you were a senior shooting Geritol or the under sixty crowd with Jack, yaggy, or just an old fashion, you might not feel too well today. Burke had to stumble and ahhh at least five times. And her answer surprised us. Walkers work on reducing domestic violence, you got to be kidding. Between the left, democrats and women’s groups, how can there be a war on women with Walker if Burke gives him credit for fighting domestic violence?

A side note, if you watched. Did you notice all the empty seats behind the moderator and questionnaires? Leaning more blue than red, did the left’s base forget their was a debate? Was everyone at high school football games? Eau Claire, being a college town should of had the seats full with at least the freshman class in the Government Studies class attending. Very disappointing.

As far as the Journal saying Burke was the “more experienced debater”, we cannot rate her even close to being more experienced.  The great debaters that Online Courses gives us would have to disagree with the paper. Burke cannot hold a candle to Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, James L. Farmer, Jr. or even Margaret Thatcher. Burke had her lines memorized and her sticky notes ready for the night. She seemed to be rushing herself in her opening speech, kind of reminding us of President Obama reading off the teleprompter. As she kept writing notes, or maybe just scribbling, with the camera behind the moderator, at times, she looked overwhelmed, in over her head, not ready for prime time. When she would talk about someone, she never used a specific name, It was that lady up there, the farmer here or the student there. Doesn’t she know anyone by a real name that backs her? A experienced debater is not necessarily a good debater. 

So here’s our grades on the night. 

We give Scott Walker a B for good answers but wonder why he didn’t go after Burke’s plagiarism or her being off for the last seven years. Walker also needs to keep Burke’s name close with Jim Doyle. Do the people of Wisconsin want to go back to the days of Diamond Jim and a $3 billion dollar deficit along with more tax and fee increases? That’s what they will get with Mary Burke. 

How did Burke do last night? We giver her a C, at least she showed up and gave it the old Georgetown and Harvard try. Will the people of the state elect someone who’s not sure where she was in the nineties, and has been out of work since 2007 their next governor? Burke is an empty suit and has no business running for governor.

We think a lot of Wisconsinites will know better when it comes to the voting booth in November. 

Next week, another debate, let’s see what Burke will do at that one. 

What do you think?



Wis. AG Race: Susan Happ Cuts Another Deal With Child Molester

Where is the Wisconsin media on reporting this story about the democrat candidate for state Attorney General?

Story from Media Trackers.

He threatened to hurt her favorite teddy bear, but when the 13-year old girl tried to get away from her 19-year old brother, he tied her left hand to the bed post and molested her. But despite repeatedly molesting both his 13-year old sister and 15-year old sister, and admitting to the crimes, Josiah Onasch went to jail for just 1 year after cutting a plea deal with Jefferson County District Attorney Susan Happ’s office in 2012. Happ is running as the Democratic candidate to replace outgoing Attorney General JB Van Hollen, a Republican.

Read entire story via Another Child Molester Gets Sweetheart Deal from Happ’s Office.

One year for incest and child molestation! Why would the people of Wisconsin, especially democrats in the state, vote for Susan Happ? Will Wisconsin children be protected if she is elected Attorney General? 

How long will it take or will the media in Wisconsin ignore this story? If the story is not reported, it will show how far the media will go to protect democrats who run for office.  

Brad Schimel should be Wisconsin’s next AG.

What do you think? 


Susan “Happgate”, Nothing Here, Move Along

We had Watergate, we have the IRSgate, do we now have Happgate? 

Another story about Democrat candidate for Wisconsin State Attorney General Susan Happ. This story, Happ going soft on a child molester.

Happgate seems to be more stories that the media is not interested in because it is about a democrat. 

The story from Media Trackers. 

A month after being sentenced in his original sex crime case, Hodan was charged with felony strangulation and suffocation, misdemeanor battery and misdemeanor theft. The charges earned him a settlement with Happ’s office that resulted in three more years of probation and 90 days in jail with work release. While serving his time in jail for Happ’s plea deal and violating his probation in the original sex case, Hodan failed to report back to Huber (work release). Off the grid, Hodan was then charged with a felony Sex Registry Violation and misdemeanor obstruction of an officer. Having already violated one probation and skipped out on Huber, Happ cut yet another deal with Hodan – giving him just six months in jail with work release yet again.

Full story via Happ Repeatedly Went Soft on Registered Sex Offender.

Do the people of Wisconsin really want to elect a soft on crime Attorney General? 

How many more stories will come out on Susan Happ? Where is the Wisconsin media finding these stories?

The media is out in full force in protecting Happ. Can the states main stream media keep telling Wisconsin voters, nothing here, move along. Why won’t the media report the real news about Susan Happ? Negative stories about Happ seems to be in full swing and the media yawns. Instead of reporting news, the media goes after so called right wing groups. The media believes Happs campaign people blaming the right wing instead of asking Happ or her people why Happ went soft on a child molester.

Here is the headline from the Green Bay paper.   

Group accuses Happ of going easy on sex offender, link.

The headline questions the people reporting the news, not the story itself. Does the media really think Wisconsin voters not take notice? Is the media soft on crime? It would seem so. What if this story was about a republican candidate? It would be Katy, bar the door. 

Will the voters of the state want to vote for Susan Happ? Do even democrats want a soft on crime AG? 

What do you think?


Burke Isn’t Qualified To Create Jobs

Owen Robinson at Boots and Sabers has a great column about Democrat candidate Mary Burke for governor.

Burke isn’t qualified to create jobs plan

After months of being badgered for lacking an economic plan, Mary Burke released her much-heralded “Invest for Success” jobs plan March 25 of this year — the day after Gov. Scott Walker signed a $525 million tax cut into law. In releasing her plan, Burke condescendingly derided Walker’s 2010 plan saying, “I’ve seen eighth-grade term papers that have more work put into them.” The news broke last week that substantial portions of Burke’s vaunted jobs plan was plagiarized from at least four other people. Even eighth-graders are expected to do their own work.

Full story via Column: Burke isn’t qualified to create jobs plan | Boots & Sabers.

Owen ends.

Burke decided to fill her jobs plan with plagiarized failed economic ideas of other liberals because she is unqualified to do anything else. It is as simple as that.

Go read the entire article.

Do the people, even democrats in Wisconsin really want to vote for Mary Burke? We don’t think so. 


Happ Giving Up On Wis. Children?

Media Trackers has a story about Democratic AG candidate Susan Happ. From their reporting and video you can watch, Susan Happ is giving up on protecting Wisconsin children. 

“I’m a fighter, too.” It has become Democratic AG candidate Susan Happ’s popular opening line. At Fighting Bob Fest, a gathering of liberals hosted by The Progressive magazine and the CapTimes, Happ again used that line during her carefully scripted five-minute monologue. Missing from her speech, however, was her usual reference to protecting Wisconsin children. The omission represents a subtle shift in messaging for the Happ campaign. Talk of protecting Wisconsin children was once one of the cornerstones of her campaign, but Happ has been under fire lately for her record on protecting children since Media Trackers uncovered several cases in which Happ was soft on alleged sex offenders.

Full story and video via Democrat AG Candidate Drops Rhetoric About Children at Media Trackers.

So will Happ protect those who hurt and abuse the children of the state? Has Happ and the democrat party only using children to get votes and after in office, hide them in the basement?

What do you think? 

Do the people of Wisconsin really want Susan Happ the next Attorney General of Wisconsin?

Seems like Brad Schimel is the one to vote for this November. 


Susan Happ, Turning On Their Own

It would seem like Susan Happ, the democrat running for Wisconsin Attorney General and her fellow comrades on the liberal left are spinning stories on the war on women. Happ is embroiled in a conflict of interest surrounding herself and her husband with selling their house and a case involving alleged sexual abuse of a minor.

Happ and the left pull out Ped Lautenschlager, the former State AG, who was pulled over with a DUI  to demonize the victim in the sexual abuse case. If Happ, Lautenschlager and the left really say there is a war on women by the right, why are they waging the war on women?

Former Wisconsin Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager, image
Former Wisconsin Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager, image

We find a story from Jim Wigderson from Southeastern Wisconsin.

Lautenschlager came to the defense of Happ by questioning the timing of the complaint, suggesting it was politically motivated. She told The Capital Times, “It’s sort of the ultimate political dirty trick in many ways, and I think that to use a victim in order to make an election ploy of this sort is dipping lower than we’ve mostly seen in a state like Wisconsin before.”
How dare any victim of alleged sexual abuse stand up for herself when there’s an election to be won?
However, as the organization Media Trackers reported, the victim in this case is not a partisan Republican. In fact, she signed recall petitions for both Gov. Scott Walker and state Sen. Scott Fitzgerald. So much for Lautenschlager’s partisan narrative.

Entire story via Happ and the ‘war on women’ : Wigderson Library & Pub.

So Sue , Peg and libs are turning on one of their own voters? Turning on a women? Turning on a victim of alleged sexual abuse. You have a person who signed the recalls petitions against the evil right and what do you get out of it?

Is Susan Happ really the person the people of Wisconsin want for state Attorney General? If elected, would Happp sell her office for lefty special interest groups? Look the other way when someone on the right is accused of something? What can you expect if Happ is elected State AG? Is Happ electable? Will democrats, especially democrat women hold their nose, look the other way and vote for Happ? Time will tell in November.

We see Brad Schimel the only choice for Wisconsin AG.  

What do you think?

Doyle, Burke, image from

Mary Burke, Another Broken Promise?

We see this editorial from the Appleton Post Crescent. It talks about the real blame for the Wisconsin Covenant, a program that then Gov. Jim Doyle, promised eighth-graders, financial help for college back in 2007 that is no longer available to them.

via Editorial: Blame Doyle for end of Wisconsin Covenant.


Give the Appleton Post Crescent credit for an honest editorial. We notice Mary Burke’s name is no where in the article.

So will parents left on the hook for their children’s education remember Jim Doyle, a democrat governor at the time promised teens paid education they will not get?

Will parents remember that Wisconsin democrat governor candidate Mary Burke was working for Jim Doyle from January 2005 – November 2007?

Is a broken promise by Jim Doyle a broken promise by Mary Burke? Will the Post Crescent or the Wisconsin media ask Mary Burke about Jim Doyle’s broken promise?

We also notice Mary Burke has a commercial running called “Annie” on how she started AVID/TOPS to help children get ready for college. In the above ad spot link, the young lady talks about working to pay for school. It would seem Annie is a hard working person who is paying her own way through school. Good for her!

The following is from AVID/TOPS web site.

The AVID/TOPS program is an exciting Boys & Girls Club initiative in partnership with the Madison Metropolitan School District. The initiative works with high school students to prepare them for college. The AVID/TOPS program offers tutoring, mentorship and paid summer internships in addition to eligibility for college scholarships.

So the program was started by the Boys & Girls Club initiative in partnership with the Madison Metropolitan School District. Not Mary Burke?

Looking at the web site we don’t  see Mary Burke’s name anywhere on the web site. Not on the Leadership Team, not on the Board of Directors, not in a recap of the history of the Boys and Girls Club, no where could we find Burke on the web site. A newspaper from Madison does report her being the clubs president from 2002 – 2010.

In the History page, it states;

2008 – Our local clubs began a college preparatory program at East High School in Madison. 

We thought Mary Burke started AVID/TOPS? If she started the program, shouldn’t they give credit to Burke for starting the program?

In the newspaper article, it states Mary Burke and her family’s Burke Foundation, was the principal donor. How much money did Mary donate and how much was from the Burke Foundation?

Since AVID/TOPS is only a program in Madison and only helps Madison area children in conjunction with the Boys and Girls Club and the Madison School District, how will Burke help other children around the state? 

Will anyone question the Mary Burke Ad? Will Mary Burke really help the children of Wisconsin get ready for college?

Is Mary Burke another Jim Doyle? Will promises be broken again if Burke is elected governor?

What do you think?

The Calendar Says It’s Winter, Do You Hate It

A baby wearing many items of winter clothing: ...
A baby wearing many items of winter clothing: headband, cap, fur-lined coat, wool neckscarf and sweater. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you hate winter? Looking at the thermometer, did winter come early or is this just winter?

Steve Prestegard from southeastern Wisconsin writes about winter without saying one nasty word.

Etc.: Why I Hate Winter

By Steve PrestegardEditor, Platteville Journal

The calendar says winter doesn’t start until Dec. 21. The calendar lies.

Meteorological winter is, as of the date of this issue, only 10 days old (it starts Dec. 1, according to the National Weather Service), and we’ve already had two very measurable snowfalls and, Saturday night, a low of zero. (Which is not even close to as cold as it can get here this time of year. The low Dec. 9, 1958, was 18 below zero. For that matter, the low Nov. 26, 1978 was 14 below zero. )

One wonders what was in the minds of our ancestors who thought it was a good idea to come to a part of the country whose winters feature temperatures cold enough to kill you and snowfalls deep enough to kill you during snow removal or from crashes caused by said snowfalls. What do you see when you look outside this time of year? Death — trees without leaves, brown grass (when not covered by snow), ice covering roads or paths just waiting to cause you injury or worse.

One highlight, if you want to call it that, of winter is getting sick. You get sick because people are cooped up inside, where germs whose deleterious effects are felt from your head to your stomach (and points below) spread more readily. There are also the effects of artificially heated (and thus very dry) air upon sinuses, eyes, skin, etc.

One reason to hate winter is that surviving the outdoors requires being clothed in layer upon layer. That results in digging through the layers to find your cellphone when it goes off (and when you have children waiting 15 minutes to get to your cellphone really isn’t an option) or your house keys. One of the funniest scenes in the movie “A Christmas Story” is when the narrator’s brother is so wrapped in winter clothing that he can’t move. To quote someone, comedy is tragedy from a distance (i.e. it’s funny because it didn’t happen to you, except that it did). Wearing a hat or footwear that keeps you warm is incompatible with professional personal appearance.

Read the rest at SW News 4 U

Scott Walker, Wisconsin’s Anti Casino, Anti Jobs Governor

Gov. Scott Walker
Gov. Scott Walker

WUPN  Editorial – Who is Governor Scott Walker? Is he the governor who puts the Wisconsin’s economy and all people of the state first? On his web site he stands for creating jobs, developing our workforce, reforming government and more. Is he the same governor who was elected twice in two years after promising 250,000 jobs by the end of his first term in office?

So when Governor Walker wants to put the people of Wisconsin, the states economy and jobs  first, does his actions and statements match his beliefs and what he tells the people of the state?

It would seem the governor is breaking his promise of jobs and a vibrant economy.

The following is a statement from him concerning a casino expansion in Kenosha Wisconsin by the Menominee Nation located in Menominee County in Northeastern Wisconsin. To clarify, the Obama administration has O K’d the casino and only needs the governor to sign off on the casino to be built.

First his statement from Friday.

August 23, 2013
For Immediate Release

Governor Scott Walker Issues Statement on Federal Approval of Proposed Menominee Casino

Madison – Today, Governor Scott Walker issued the following statement on the approval of the Menominee Tribe’s proposed casino by the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs:

Given the approval by the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs for the proposed Menominee casino, we will move forward with evaluating this casino using the criteria previously laid out by my Administration. The three criteria are: no new net gaming, community support, and consensus among the 11 sovereign nations.

As I have discussed with tribal leaders and representatives during my regular quarterly meetings with all the tribes, we will move forward with a 60-day comment gathering period for the tribes following the federal government’s approval. My administration will begin reaching out to tribal representatives ahead of the beginning of the comment period to ensure all the tribes have the opportunity to provide feedback.

From office of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

The main statement by Gov. Walker is his three part criteria of no new net gaming, community support, and consensus among the 11 sovereign nations.

Let’s see, the people of the Kenosha County voted for casino expansion. They want it. The community and the surrounding area wants jobs and a growing economy. Being close to the Illinois border, revenue would be a boon. Other business would be created. Jobs from construction, jobs from the casino and jobs from new business would prosper. Increase in state revenue would grow from the casino, from new business and again from new jobs. A winner for the state of Wisconsin and it’s tax payers. Seems like a win win for everyone.

“No new gaming”. What does the he mean? What is wrong with gaming in Wisconsin? Tribal casinos are here to stay in Wisconsin, that will never change.  With all the Tribal casinos in the state now, what’s wrong with one more. It would be great to get more money from the people of Illinois, some spend it in Illinois casinos anyway.

If a new gas station wants to open in Wauwatosa, should one close so another one can be built? What is the governor thinking? If someone decides to open a new restaurant, should the governor demand another close? The governor sounds like he is taking an anti jobs, anti business position. If your a business in Wisconsin, Scott Walker might try to shut you down. There’s duplication of your business, close your doors.

Now to the consensus among the 11 sovereign nations. Does “consensus” mean a majority of the 11 tribes? Will the Potawatomi Casino in Milwaukee go along with the Kenosha Casino? Never! The governor knows this.

Row of slot machines inside Las Vegas airport.
Row of slot machines inside Las Vegas airport. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So the governor clarifies his “consensus” statement and his position on “no new gaming.”

From the Kenosha News.

Walker: Casino needs all tribes’ support 

[email protected]

Gov. Scott Walker gave greater clarity Monday to the guidelines he has set for his prospective review of off-reservation casinos in Kenosha and elsewhere, and Kenosha project backers didn’t like what he had to say.

The bottom line for the Menominee Nation, which is awaiting federal review of its Kenosha application:

— Final approval from the governor won’t happen without an end to opposition from the rival Potawatomi Tribe.

— The tribe would likely have to close its on-reservation casino in Keshena before it could open an off-reservation development in Kenosha.

Walker enumerated his position in an interview with Kenosha News editors and reporters.

Read more at The Kenosha News.

We now find out “consensus” means all tribes including the Potawatomi in Milwaukee have to agree. He knows full well that will never happen. How could he make such a demand? Even if the Kenosha Casino is not built, the Potawatomi’s will never work with him or be his friend. Who is kidding who?

Close the Keshena Casino? How many jobs are generated on the Menominee Reservation? The governor is willing to throw all the jobs and the economy in that area over the cliff? Is that what he really wants? Does that sound like a pro jobs governor to you?

Is this all over campaign money and votes? Does he think he will gain campaign contributions from the tribal casinos? Will the tribal members in the state now vote republican in upcoming elections? After voting democrat all their lives, they now will fawn over Scott Walker and state republicans. Is this all about campaign money and votes?

We wonder if Walker is taking direction from the Washington elites to set himself up for the 2016 presidential election? Is the governor just trying to get along with democrats and some of their voters? We already know the unions will be out in full force to beat him, does he think he now has the casinos in his pocket? What is he trying to gain by all this?

The casinos and tribal members will never contribute to him and republicans and they will never get their vote at election time. As usual, their money and their votes will go to democrats. No matter what he does.

For the man that promised a new direction for Wisconsin, this is a strange way to show it.

Build the casino in Kenosha, Keep the casino in Keshena. Let the expansion of the casino go forward and grow the Wisconsin economy and grow jobs in the state. Why not ask for more revenue from the Kenosha Casino. We would think the Menominee’s would give on state income from gaming.

If Walker does not sign off on the casino as is, he will certainly lose votes in 2014 and not just from democrats. The democrats will tie him to his jobs promise. They will show pictures of an empty casino in Keshena, show people out of work on the Menominee Reservation and then show a picture of Scott Walker and say, that’s what Scott Walker has done for Wisconsin. That will get a democrat elected governor in Wisconsin in 2014. Is that what the people of Wisconsin want ?

Has Scott Walker become the anti casino and anti jobs governor of Wisconsin?

What  do you think?




What Does Detroit, Madison and Milwaukee Have In Common

English: Members of the Service Employees Inte...
English: Members of the Service Employees International Union march towards the Wisconsin State Capitol in protest of Governor Scott Walker’s collective bargaining restriction on unions. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WUPN – An interesting comparison from Steve Prestegard.

This explains Madison perfectly

by Steve Prestegard

The Washington Examiner did a little number-crunching and found out that bankrupt Detroit has one city government employee for every 61 residents.

The Examiner then compared Detroit to other U.S. cities, and found 19 of them with a larger ratio of residents to city employees. Washington, D.C., has one city employee for every 20 residents. Remember, that’s city employee, not just government (city and federal) employee.

Two Wisconsin cities make the Examiner’s list.

Madison has one city employee for every 75 residents. The City of Madison has as many employees as Boscobel has residents. And those city employees are better paid than us mere taxpayers. According to the U.S. Census, as of 2011 the average per capita income in this state was $27,192, and the median family income was $52,374. The average City of Madison employee makes $59,016 per year.

Milwaukee has one city employee for every 90 residents, or, put another way, the City of Milwaukee has as many employees as Kimberly has residents. The average City of Milwaukee employee makes $122,239 per year, or 4.5 times the average per capita income in this state, and more than twice the median family income in this state.

And you wonder why every policy idea that comes out of Madison involves more government and higher taxes?

What does Detroit, Madison and Milwaukee have in common?

They all have too many employees.

Media vs Media From Madison Wisconsin

Newspaper colour
Newspaper colour (Photo credit: NS Newsflash)

WUPN – If you haven’t heard, there’s a big deal going on in Madison Wisconsin. We find this from the Presteblog about the hub bub of one media outlet in Madison getting free rent from the UW system. Other media outlets and conservative talk radio weigh in on the conflict.  This is a big deal to the media but to the rest of the people of Wisconsin, bottom line, it’s paid for by the tax payers.

Government vs. journalists, Wisconsin edition

by Steve Prestegard
Nothing usually gets journalists angry faster than attacks on other journalists.

That is exactly what appears to be happening with the Joint Finance Committee’s move to evict the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism from its location at a building in which I spent far too much time, UW–Madison’s Vilas Communication Hall.

The name of the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism implies, duh, investigative journalism. This investigative journalism appears more often targeted at Wisconsin’s right than Wisconsin’s left. That does not mean the WCIJ doesn’t deserve to exist. (Indeed, I used one of their interesting stories tipped off to them by some weekly newspaper editor somewhere about a battle between sheriffs and county board over the classification of county jail employees in the post-Act 10 world of ours. I suspect I will be using others.)

The WCIJ does valuable work for the newspapers of Wisconsin that have either dropped investigative journalism or never had it (the latter including the chronically short-staffed weekly newspapers). Some of WCIJ’s work seems to me to more appropriately be on the opinion page than a news page, and some weekly newspaper editors don’t make the correct distinction. (I write that as someone who loathes stories labeled “Analysis” that contain little more than the opinions of the writer when put anywhere besides a page labeled “Opinion.”) But that’s up to those editors, and ultimately those newspapers’ readers.

More generally, the public generally yawns when journalists complain they are being targeted or treated unfairly. There are two groups who defend journalists: (1) journalists, and (2) politicians who perceive something to gain by defending journalists.

I wish WCIJ had made life more difficult for the Doyle administration when it made state finances crash and burn. Maybe had a non-conservative questioned the wisdom of a $2.2 billion tax increase during a recession, we wouldn’t have the economy this state has today. Perhaps if WCIJ had existed in the days when Gov. James Doyle issued unending gambling rights to American Indian tribes in exchange for campaign donations to Democrats, the state could have had more of a debate over whether never-expiring gaming compacts were a good idea for the state. In doing a search of WCIJ’s website, the most extensive coverage of the Doyle administration was a controversy over travel expenses. WCIJ would have done a valuable service as well by questioning the views of public employee unions, specifically teacher unions, that making well-compensated public employees pay more (but less than those whose taxes pay their salaries and pay for their benefits) for their benefits and retirement, would destroy Wisconsin. (For instance, WCIJ might have looked at the salaries and benefits of the management of, say, the Wisconsin Education Association Council.)

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