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News and Information links for Northern Wisconsin, Upper Michigan and the world. We are a Internet Lead Generator to bring you the news that you might of missed across the World Wide Web. Besides news you might of missed from Michigan, Wisconsin and World media outlets, we give you links to information you might be looking for. Travel, sports, government web sites and much more.

Have information to pass along? Have a special event, festival, news tip, contact us and pass along link information. All information will be posted upon verification and authenticity of information.

Wis. U. P. North LLC has discretion of accepting or declining publishing  information.

Paul J. Socha is the owner/editor of Wis. U. P. North. I started this web site to fill the need for news and information for Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. Through my life, I have traveled Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan and always appreciated the flavor and people of the area. The need I hope to fill is informing readers with news links and helpful web sites that will promote the love of this area of the country. My background is a flair  for writing through my past employment, blogging and interaction with some of the most interesting people I have read about and meet. My interests are people, places and what interests them. Sorry, I cannot forget my passion for NASCAR.

I will also be up front with my readers. I will not lie or tell you there is no bias to my reporting.  I will call it the way I see it. We are a opinion publication web site. We are a conservative publication.

One of my most important goals  is to help followers read between the lines of a story or headline. What you read is not always what the real story is. I will help you understand what the headline is and what the reality of the story really means  to you. This is something missing from most in our media today.

We also need to inform readers that some links may be removed from the world wide web from the original web site by its author. We are not responsible for terminated web links.

I sincerely thank you for visiting Wis. U. P. North and hope you enjoy our web site.

Paul J Socha

Wis. U. P. North LLC

Pound, Wisconsin 54162
WUPN Staff who will contribute to the flavor of Northern Wisconsin, Upper Michigan and the World

About Samantha

I am a conservative wife and mother. I live in northeastern Wisconsin. I love to run, bike and cook with and for my family.




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