Bill Clinton Warns Liberal Left About Gun Restrictions

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We find it very odd that the one with a level headed comment to the anti-gun advocates is former President Clinton.

OP/ED | 1/20/2013 @ 11:50AM |33 views
Bill Clinton Sounds The Right Note In Warning Those Who Disrespect The American Gun Culture

“Do not patronize the passionate supporters of your opponents by looking down your nose at them,” said Clinton. “A lot of these people live in a world very different from the world lived in by the people proposing these things. I know because I come from this world.”

As is so often the case these days, Clinton has it exactly right.

By placing the perils of cultural disrespect and the evil of supposed moral superiority on the table, President Clinton has not only cut right to the heart of why we cannot have rational discussion of gun violence in America but identifies a polluting factor that exceeds even the damaging tactics and narratives furthered by the NRA.

Nobody takes kindly to being disrespected.

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We would think Mr. Clinton would be leading the charge for gun restrictions along with Obama and Biden. Why would Clinton want to give warnings to the liberal left?Maybe in a small way the ex-president can see the warning signs the  left cannot see.

President Obama has awoken a giant with gun control and we wait for the next chapter to be written. Mr Clinton can see that giant where liberal left turns a blind eye to

What do you think of Mr. Clinton’s comment?.

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