Aurora Health Care See’s Cut Backs, Layoffs From Obama Care

aurhthcarevertpanThe beginning of cutbacks and layoffs begin in the healthcare industry from the implementation of Obama Care. How can anyone be surprised this is happening? Just like those who are surprised their wages have gone down in their pay checks because of the payroll tax. Those who voted for change are getting change they never expected. The old saying, be careful what you wish for, you may not like what you get!

We get this story from Jay Weber at WISN 1130 form Milwaukee.

The following is a part of a letter from Nick Turkal, MD, President and CEO of Aurora Health Care

The work that was done on reducing our fixed costs during the past
eight weeks will be implemented this quarter. This program targets both hard dollars and
positions that for the most part do not provide direct care to patients. So you will hear of
some position eliminations plus discontinuation of some positions in the coming weeks.
Given the $13,000,000 in reimbursement shortfall I described earlier, we will need to do
more and will use this program to identify areas where we can obtain the savings.
Continuously looking at how we do things more efficiently and less costly is our new way of
life. This cost conscious mindset is something every caregiver needs to embrace and
champion. We may not like it, but this environment is something that all health care
systems and hospitals will have to manage; we at Aurora are not unique.

Nick Turkal, MD
President and CEO
Aurora Health Care

Read the complete letter from WISN and Mr. Turkal here

People who follow like sheep and are blind to reality will get hurt along with those Americans who seen this coming. Because of Obamacare, and what this administration is doing to the economy, more people will suffer with job losses, higher taxes and less services from government. We cannot afford what we don’t have the money for.

We shouldn’t say it but will,

See, we told you so!



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One thought on “Aurora Health Care See’s Cut Backs, Layoffs From Obama Care

  1. What they could do is stop grossly overcharging everyone and overpaying the high level directors over 20 million dollars in 2011. Somehow I think they could come up with 13 million out of their nearly 4.1 billion dollar revenue.
    I fail to see how this is an issue of universal health care coverage and not one of total greed by the medical industry at the cost of people who are at their most vulnerable?

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