Lovey Smith, Chicago Bears, “The Love I Lost”

English: LOVIE SMITH, of the Chicago Bears, in...
English: LOVIE SMITH, of the Chicago Bears, in action during the Bears game against the Cleveland Browns on November 1, 2009 in Chicago, IL. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is The Love Lost For Lovie Smith? Will the change come to the Bears in Chicago?

Lovie’s time has run out with Bears
Someone has to take the blame, and it shouldn’t be another coordinator
Updated: December 30, 2012, 10:16 PM ET
By Jon Greenberg |

DETROIT — The Chicago Bears are not a playoff team. After weeks of rumors, Deep Purple confirmed it as fact.

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson ran roughshod over the Bears’ postseason dreams in Minnesota, hours after the Bears barely took care of the Detroit Lions.

This was a just ending, a lousy win over a lousy team in a cold, gray city and no help from the Green Bay Packers.

Asked if the team’s critics, which is to say everyone outside of Halas Hall, were correct in saying the Bears didn’t deserve to make the playoffs, defensive tackle Henry Melton was brutally honest.

“Who does?” he said. “Is there a 10-6 team that really deserves to be in?”

Not this 10-6 team, that’s for sure.

Read more at ESPN. 

Update: Lovie Smith out as Bears Coach.

Is it time to sing;

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes The Love I Lost

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