Field & Stream 2012 Rut Report

White-tailed Deer
White-tailed Deer (Photo credit: siwild)

Field and Stream is once again helping hunters in this years whitetail deer hunting. Click to follow the rut schedule for 2012.

Link to Whitetail Heat map. 

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3 thoughts on “Field & Stream 2012 Rut Report

  1. It’s Wednesday October 31st, 2012. the moon is full and overhead at will be on its second half by this weekend.
    Going to sit in the woods all afternoon Friday on the edge an alphalfa field, in Eagle River, until dark, snorting and wheezing. Saturday in will sit all day in the same spot with a doe bleat in the morning, and a snort grunt in the afternnon. And if by chance i havent already arrowed a buck by then, Sunday morning will be a little noisy with rattling sequences and grunting.
    I will report back after this week on what transpired, and how much he scored.

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