Michigan: Teachers May Pay More Like Everyone Else

0 Comments 02 April 2012

More changes coming to the teachers in Michigan. The Escanaba Daily Press is reporting teachers may have to pay for a part of their retirement costs.

Teachers may pay more for retirement
Bill aims to lessen burden on state

April 2, 2012
The Associated Press
LANSING (AP) – Most teachers and other public school employees could see more than 10 percent of their paychecks go to retirement costs next school year under legislation that would take some of the burden for retiree benefits off school districts’ shoulders and hand the cost to workers.

Teachers unions and public retiree groups say it’s just one more attempt by Republican lawmakers to shift the cost for retiree benefits to current and former teachers. They argue the state stopped prefunding retiree health care in the 1990s and now is taking money from individuals to make up for its mistake. Retiree health care benefits make up the bulk of the $45 million hole Michigan finds itself in for unfunded school employee liabilities.

We can only wonder how the rest of the people in Michigan are doing paying for all of their retirement costs?


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