Hurley: Democrat Dog and Pony Show, Crowd Not Happy, You Tube

The MacIver Insttute has a You Tube how State Senator Bob Jauch and State Rep. Janet Bewley (D-Ashland) get feed back from people in Hurley this past weekend. The people of the area want jobs and were shut out by Jauch by not voting for the mining bill. We repeat, people are not happy with democrats in northern Wisconsin.

Senator Bob Jauch held a town hall meeting in Hurley on Saturday, March 31st. It was his first in the area since the mining modernization bill failed in the State Senate. Watch how the crowd reacts to the comments of State Rep. Janet Bewley (D-Ashland) who addressed the meeting toward the conclusion of the event.

Update : Media Trackers has another report on this incident from this past Saturday.

Apparently, Representative Bewley in her eagerness to defend Senator Jauch’s indefensible vote to kill jobs, and in her haste to cast herself as the victim of a crowd opposed to the democratic process, forgot an important, documented fact.

In February of 2011 Senator Jauch and all of his Democrat colleagues walked out of the state Senate chamber and fled to Illinois in a vain attempt to kill legislation they opposed. Fortunately, a blogger caught up with Jauch while he was running around Illinois and preventing Senate business from being conducted. Surprised at being caught on camera, Jauch stumbled around trying to give a good reason for why he hadn’t showed up for work in a while.

That’s right. Bob Jauch walked out on his constituents last February when he left for Illinois.

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