Wisconsin: More Media Sign Walker Recall, Two Stories

From Boots and Sabers.

Looks like the State Journal is following Gannett’s lead.

Wisconsin State Journal editors learned this week that six staff members signed petitions calling for the recall of Gov. Scott Walker.

Five of the six signed a petition on Nov. 15, 2011, the first day the documents were circulated, and just before an internal memo from State Journal editor John Smalley reminded staff members of the newspaper’s policy against such activity, based on a long-standing code of ethics.

“We were surprised and disappointed,” Smalley said of finding the staff members’ names by searching a database of signatures at iverifytherecall.com. “We apologize to our readers for the lapse in judgment by several staff members.”

Only one of the employees who signed a petition, chief photographer Steve Apps, is involved in news coverage. Three are imaging technicians who handle photo toning and graphics processing, and two are part-time sports clerks/writers.

More at  Boots and Sabers – The blogging will continue until morale improves….

MADISON, WI - JANUARY 17:  Spectators cheer an...
MADISON, WI - JANUARY 17: Spectators cheer and applaud as recall volunteers walk through a gauntlet of supporters on their way to deliver one of the boxes containing signatures to recall Gov. Scott Walker into the Government Accountability Offices on January 17, 2011 in Madison, Wisconsin. Over one-million signatures were collected in 60-days for a petition to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. 540,000 were required by law. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

From Media Trackers

EXCLUSIVE: Madison TV News Anchor Signed Recall

UPDATED to reflect comments issued by WISC-TV after this report was first released.

By: Brian Sikma

A growing media flap is developing in Wisconsin as more members of the press and employees of news organizations are found to have signed recall petitions. The latest incident involves Rob Starbuck, a morning news anchor for WISC-TV, a CBS affiliate, in Madison. Starbuck and fellow WISC-TV employee Nan Roach appear to have signed petitions to force a recall of Governor Scott Walker.

Read more at Media Trackers

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