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Wisconsin: Will GAB Throw Out Republican Nomination Petitions

Remember this headline?

In Scott Walker recall, Wisconsin Dems tout 1 million signatures Link and this from WISN.

GAB Releases Final Recall Signature Count

Staff Recommends Recall Elections

POSTED: 2:05 pm CDT March 29, 2012
UPDATED: 2:40 pm CDT March 29, 2012

MADISON, Wis. — The Government Accountability Board released its final recall petition counts for Gov. Scott Walker and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch.
Gov. Scott Walker:
Signatures submitted: 931,053
Signatures stuck by state: 26,114
Duplicates struck: 4,001
Valid signatures: 900,938

Lt. Gov. Kleefisch:
Signatures submitted: 842,854
Signatures stuck by state: 29,601
Duplicates struck: 4,263
Valid signatures: 808,990

Under this schedule, candidates in the recall election will have from March 30 until April 10 at 5 p.m., to circulate and file nomination petitions and declaration of candidacy papers with the GAB.
State Senate candidates need a minimum of 400 signatures, and governor and lieutenant governor candidates need a minimum of 2,000 signatures.

Read more at WISN 12.

We have two questions. One, where were the million signatures the democrats promised and said in the Walker recall? So if only 808,990 were valid, does that mean almost 200.000 were illegal or just plain fraud? Does seem like it. Two, will the GAB throw out the republicans nomination petitions for fraudulent signatures thus giving  the elections to democrats by default? If there is not valid republican candidates to run against the democrats , there will be no need for the elections!  Democrats win by default. Don’t put it past them.

We hope Gov.Scott Walker, Lt. Gov. Kleefisch, the senators being recalled and the republican party are ready for another game to be played by the democrats and the GAB. You cannot put it past them on what dirty trick they will play next in Wisconsin politics.

MADISON, WI - JANUARY 17: Recall volunteers ad...
MADISON, WI - JANUARY 17: Recall volunteers add to the stack of boxes containing signatures to recall Gov. Scott Walker as they are piled up in a store room at the Government Accountability Offices on January 17, 2011 in Madison, Wisconsin. Over one-million signatures were collected in 60-days for a petition to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. 540,000 were required by law. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Wis. Worker Fired For Pro Walker Sign Story Goes Nationwide, See Video

Follow up on Mary Taylor 68, who had a pro Walker sticker in her car located at Whitewater High School. She was then fired for it. Fox and Friends did the story.

Wisconsin contractor fired for ‘pro-Walker’ sticker
Mar 29, 2012- 3:45 –
School gives woman the boot

See video at Fox News.

Funny how major media is not carrying this story.

Map of Wisconsin highlighting Walworth County
Map of Wisconsin highlighting Walworth County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Saudi Oil Laughing All The Way To The Bank

Speculators knock OPEC off oil-price perch
Speculators knock OPEC off oil-price perch (Photo credit: Barrybar)

Saudi Arabia will act to lower soaring oil prices
By Ali Naimi

High international oil prices are bad news. Bad for Europe, bad for the US, bad for emerging economies and bad for the world’s poorest nations. A period of prolonged high prices is bad for all oil producing nations, including Saudi Arabia, and they are bad news for the energy industry more widely.
It is clear that sustained high prices are starting to take their toll on European economic growth targets. They are contributing to trade balance deficits and feeding inflationary pressures. It is an unsatisfactory situation and one Saudi Arabia is keen to help address. In an interconnected world, European economic growth is in our national interest. No one benefits from a stagnating European economy and we want to do what we can to help encourage growth.
Needless to say, Saudi Arabia does not control the price; it sells its crude oil according to international prices. But it remains the world’s largest producer, and the country with the greatest proven reserves, so it has a responsibility to do what it can to mitigate prices.

Read more at Financial Times.

We read here the Saudi’s don’t like high oil prices. Since they only sell oil at international prices, they can’t do anything about it. But it sounds good!

Why won’t the Saudi’s just sell oil at a lower price?  Because they want to keep taking their money to the bank.



Shocking: 414- 0 Vote Against Presidents Budget

March 29, 2012 12:00am
Obama budget fails 414-0 as Democrats bail byJoel Gehrke Commentary Staff Writer

In a rare show of unanimous bipartisanship, House Democrats and Republicans united in their opposition to President Obama’s 2013 budget, which failed tonight with 414 votes against and zero in favor of the budget.

Such opposites as Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Rep. Michelle Bachmann joined each other in voting against the bill, but the White House preemptively dismissed the tally.

Read more at The Washington Examiner.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi meeting with...
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi meeting with President-elect Barack Obama. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Will the president blame democrats for voting no on his budget? No, it an election year. Democrats can now say in their campaign that they voted against spending.

It’s good to see everyone in congress voting for the common good. Can democrats tell us how this happened? We thought the president knows what he is doing?


Michigan DNR Burning Permits Map

1.   Brown indicates open debris burning is not permitted anywhere within the county.
2.   Green indicates open burning is permitted and debris fires are allowed if proper precautions are taken.
3.   Orange indicates there are burn permit restrictions in effect for that county. Select your county for information on what restrictions are in place.
4.   Gray indicates burn permits are not issued electronically. Select the county for information on where to call for burn permit information.
Click to select the county in which you intend to burn before lighting any open debris fire. Daily information will appear providing details about the availability, restrictions and local information on Burn Permits for each township.
If “YES” appears in the Burning Permits Issued column you are authorized to burn today.
If “NO” appears in the Burning Permits Issued column, “NO” open debris burning is allowed for that location at this time. You will be in violation of state law if you burn debris without a permit.
You are responsible for all damages resulting from the escape of the fire. Click here for information on your responsibilities, restrictions and guidelines.


via DNR Burn Permits Map.


Wis: Current Fire Danger -WDNR Map And Information

Burning restrictions
Good morning!
It is currently 11:03:53 AM on 3/29/2012.
Thank you for visiting the DNR burning permit Web page. It is important to have your written and signed annual burning permit available while burning and follow all restrictions listed on both sides of the permit. You can also call 1-888-WIS-BURN (947-2876) for daily restrictions. Click on a county to see burning restrictions in effect.
Subscribe to receive Burn Permits & Fire Danger News
Before striking a match, allow the fire experts to provide you timely information on burn permits, current fire danger and any emergency restrictions happening around the state.

Smokey’s Rules for Debr

via Current Fire Danger – DNR.

Hancock: “Big Louie Moilanen” Monument

Big monument for a big man

Big Louie Moilanen
Big Louie Moilanen (Photo credit: hyperboreal)

March 29, 2012
By Kurt Hauglie ([email protected]) , The Daily Mining Gazette

HANCOCK – About two years ago, Mike Gemignani thought it would be a good idea to have some kind of likeness of “Big Louie” Moilanen made, so he started making inquiries.

Gemignani said he found someone who said he could make a carving of the Copper Country giant out of a log, but the price was too high.

After discussions between Gemignani and Dana Richter, who lives near what was Moilanen’s farm in the Salo area north of Hancock, an idea was born to create a monument to memorialize Moilanen on the centennial of his death in 2013.

Gemignani was one of a small group of people gathered Wednesday in the community room of Lakeview Manor in Hancock for a discussion led by Richter about how to go about getting a monument to Moilanen erected.

Although exactly how tall Moilanen was is a matter of debate, with descriptions ranging from 8 feet, 1 inch to 8 feet, 4 inches, Richter said the death certificate he found in the Houghton County Court House indicates he was 8 feet, 1 inch at the time of his death on Sept. 16, 1913. The certificate lists his age as 27 years, 7 months and 12 days.

Read more at the Houghton Daily Mining Gazette.

More on Louie here.

Wikipedia here.

Antigo: School Board Looks At Drug Testing Changes

School board eyes drug test change

March 28, 2012

The Antigo school board is planning to add new teeth to its drug policies, especially for people seeking employment with the district.

At the regular monthly meeting, the board reviewed current policies and directed its labor attorney Dean Dietrich (SP) to work with the administrative staff to develop guidelines for pre-employment drug screenings and, perhaps, random drug testing.

District Administrator Roxann Bornemann said that Dietrich reviewed the district’s present drug-free workplace policy, which allows testing of employees if there is a suspicion that they may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

She said that the attorney is recommending adoption of pre-employment screenings but is still researching the legality of random drug tests of public employees, citing privacy concerns and court ruling that have largely rejected the practice.

The research, Bornemann said, is “so you can make a thoughtful decision in the best interest of the district overall.”

Read more at Antigo Daily Journal.

Will more and more schools update their drug policies in the future? We would think so just to cover their legal liabilities.

Quick drug testing reagents. Photographed in F...
Quick drug testing reagents. Photographed in Finnish customs museum. Suomi: Pikahuumetestejä Tullimuseossa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Another Failure By The Left, Let Us Count The Times

So it’s over already?

WaPo: This Rush Limbaugh boycott has pretty much fizzled, huh?

Team Boycott had an impressive run, though, no? Sure, they didn’t get Clear Channel to pull him off the air. And only two radio stations nationwide dumped his show. And he lost “fewer than five” national sponsors by Media Matters’s own admission. But hey: It’s not easy to sustain politically calculated fake outrage for weeks on end, especially after an apology for the initial offense has been issued. Perseverance.

No, seriously, though. It’s over.

Read the rest at Hot Air.

How many times will the left try to bash the right only to fail again.

Link to Rush.


Rush Limbaugh
Cover of Rush Limbaugh

First Lady Visits Mount Rushmore For Fudge and Ice Cream

Michelle Takes a Day Trip to Mt. Rushmore
by KEITH KOFFLER on MARCH 29, 2012, 10:09 AM
Michelle Obama jetted in to South Dakota Wednesday for a day trip to Mount Rushmore, taking in the sights before departing the same day for Las Vegas.

Michelle is traveling with her daughters on a “private family trip” to the West, the White House said.

According to the Rapid City Journal, Michelle landed Wednesday at Ellsworth Air Force Base and hopped in a ten car motorcade for the trip to Mount Rushmore. Advance work had already been done by the Secret Service and White House staff, who had arrived in town earlier in the week.

After viewing the memorial, the Obamas “showed a bit of a sweet tooth,” according to the paper, and stopped at the Turtle Town fudge shop where they had fudge and ice cream.

Read more at White House Dossier

We thought fudge and ice cream is on the “DO NOT EAT LIST or not on the food “plate” which replaced the food pyramid ?


Vanilla ice cream cone I bought at Camp Manito...
Vanilla ice cream cone I bought at Camp Manitoulin for a $1 donation. It was sort of icey. For Macro Mondays Drips Drops Splashes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Related articles

Wisconsin Fraud Hotline Getting Over A 1000 Tips

Fraud hotline, website garner 1,000-plus tips
March 28th, 2012

By Ryan Ekvall | Wisconsin Reporter

MADISON — More than 1,000 tips on suspected fraud in the state’s largest public assistance programs were reported through a fraud hotline and website since December, when the new reporting effort began, state Inspector General Alan White said Wednesday.

“It gives us more visibility. It brings the culture of preventing fraud waste and abuse to a higher level,” he said.

About half of those tips have warranted further investigation, leading to “savings and recovery… (of) about a million dollars a month,” said White.

White’s office launched the fraud hotline late last year and the website March 9.

The hotline number is (877) 865-3432. The website is www.reportfraud.wisconsin.gov/RptFrd/Default.aspx

Read more at The Wisconsin Reporter. 

Red phone
Red phone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



WDNR: Flawed Deer Reports, Honest, Blunt Study Reports

Seems the deer czar came out with a report on Wisconsin deer hunting and what problems estimating the herd has become.

MADISON — The deer population estimates of Wisconsin’s wildlife officials are flawed, and they don’t know enough about how predators affect deer and have reduced deer in chronic wasting disease zones to pests, according to a report Gov. Scott Walker’s so-called “deer czar” released Wednesday.

James Kroll’s study concludes hunters and landowners feel an “intense dissatisfaction” with the Department of Natural Resources and the agency needs a more human touch to rebuild its credibility.

“The WDNR has placed an inordinate emphasis on estimating population goals and establishing population density goals (which commonly are not met), while giving much less emphasis to habitat and people,” the report said.

Read more at Wisconsin Outdoor Fun.

It took Scott Walker to hire an outside person to get an honest look at the WDNR on estimating the deer herd. We hope the WDNR will find a way to meet the problem and try to fix it and not hold it against hunters, Scott Walker and republicans who are trying to change Wisconsin.  We know from past experience, the WDNR has held the fear of GOD over people of Wisconsin.  Let’s hope hunters and DNR officials will work together for the betterment of everyone.

Wisconsin Democrats Fighting Wisconsin Democrats

Hard to believe this kind of story would even be out there.

MILWAUKEE — Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel attended a fundraiser for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett on Wednesday, a strong sign that Barrett will enter a likely recall race against Gov. Scott Walker.
They were greeted by union protesters at the Italian Community Center in the Third Ward. Union leaders have privately discouraged Barrett from running because he has clashed with unions over decisions he’s made as mayor.
“Well, I think you look specifically at what Mayor Barrett’s done here in Milwaukee, while he’s been mayor, he has utilized the so-called tools that Walker’s given him, and that’s a concern to working families as well, so will unions have a continued problem? I think we do, yeah,” AFSCME member Ed Sadlowski said.
The unions generally favor Democrat Kathleen Falk, who has been vocal in her opposition to Walker for more than a year.

Read more at WISN 12.

Democrats protesting Tom Barrett and one of the presidents disciples Rahm Emanuel.  What is this world coming to?  It should be an interesting primary if Barrett jumps in the race.

Tom Barrett, Mayor of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He...
Tom Barrett, Mayor of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was the unsuccessful 2010 Democratic Party nominee for Governor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Words: Dinosaur,’ ‘Birthday,’ ‘Halloween, Banned From NY Schools

War On Words: NYC Dept. Of Education Wants 50 ‘Forbidden’ Words Banned From Standardized Tests
‘Dinosaur,’ ‘Birthday,’ ‘Halloween,’ ‘Poverty,’ ‘Divorce’ Among Those Suggested
March 26, 2012 7:04 PM

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — George Carlin is rolling over in his grave.

Fearing that certain words and topics can make students feel unpleasant, officials are requesting 50 or so words be removed from city-issued tests.

Abuse (physical, sexual, emotional, or psychological)

Alcohol (beer and liquor), tobacco, or drugs

Birthday celebrations (and birthdays)

Bodily functions

Cancer (and other diseases)

Catastrophes/disasters (tsunamis and hurricanes)


Children dealing with serious issues

Cigarettes (and other smoking paraphernalia)

Computers in the home (acceptable in a school or library setting)

Read more and the rest of the list at CBS New York.

School room.
School room. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)