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How Far Will Media Investigation Team Go

Gannett is reporting an investigating team to report on feature stories throughout Wisconsin.

Gannett media sites build investigative team
Reporters from 10 daily newspapers to collaborate

Today’s report on the 29 Wisconsin circuit court judges who signed gubernatorial recall election petitions is the first project produced by the Gannett Wisconsin Media Investigative Team.

With 10 daily newspapers and websites, Gannett Wisconsin Media is well-positioned to make this commitment to quality “journalism that matters” in each of its markets and elsewhere throughout the state.

“We fully understand that readers look to our local news organizations for serious journalism on issues of major importance,” said Dan Flannery, Gannett Wisconsin’s regional executive editor and executive editor of The Post-Crescent of Appleton.

“That’s why we’ve built this team, and it’s why we are leveraging the strength of our news organization around the state — because it makes a difference to our readers and our communities.
“As we have done for more than a century in each of our sites, we intend to tell important stories that no other news organization can tell. We intend to do journalism that matters.”

Read more at the Green Bay Press Gazette.

Will the investigating team and editors cross the line when it comes to their bias? Will this be a series of witch hunts against the Walker recall election? Seek out dirt on republicans? Stay away from voter fraud stories? Leave the real stories of the liberal left on the press room floor or worse, look the other way? Will this be a extension of the democrats and President Obama to insure victories this fall? We will hold out further thought until we see how this group really works for the readers of it’s papers. Cynical? Yes, we will wait and see.

Can newspapers today not be bias? Let me rephrase that. It is O K for the media to be bias but can they just admit it or at least don’t lie about being honest about their reporting.

What do you think?

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Getting Fair Trials In Wisconsin May Become A Thing Of The Past

Seems some  judges in Wisconsin having a predetermined opinion and showing their bias means little in our judicial courts today.

29 judges signed Walker recall petitions
Twenty-nine circuit court judges in Wisconsin were among the thousands to sign recall petitions against Gov. Scott Walker, a Gannett Wisconsin Media analysis has found.

One of those judges, Dane County‘s David Flanagan, has drawn the lion’s share of scrutiny after he issued a March 6 temporary restraining order against a Walker-backed voter ID law without disclosing his support of the recall. But the analysis shows he was joined by judges from 15 other counties, all of whom signed petitions.

Janine Geske, a former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice and law professor at Marquette University, said she was surprised by the number of judges who signed the recall petitions.

Professor Richard Painter of the University of Minnesota Law School questioned why judges would expose themselves to criticism and a potential perception of bias by signing the recall petition, though he acknowledged there might be wiggle room within the judicial code allowing judges to sign.

“I concluded that by signing a recall petition I wasn’t advocating for a particular party, I was advocating for the recall process, which I thought was completely separate and apart,” said Brown County Judge Mark Warpinski. “I didn’t do it lightly. I certainly considered this a very important issue, but in the final analysis I felt that my right to sign a petition didn’t implicate any of the ethical considerations that I knew of.”

Brown County Judge Don Zuidmulder called criticism of judges signing the petition “the beating of the partisan drum.”

Read more at the Wausau Daily Herald.

If the day ever comes and you would stand before one of these 29 judges, would it be a fair trial? Would you be found guilty even before the court case even begins? These judges are just following their liberal beliefs, they can do anything they want at anytime they want! So much for judicial ethics. Is this the law west of the Pecos?

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What do you think?