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Political Fun Makes Money For Clay Pigeons

Clay pigeons bear political faces 

CENTRALIA, Wash., March 12 (UPI) — Two Washington state men are selling clay pigeons with the faces of public figures, including President Barack Obama, for politically frustrated skeet shooters.

Dan Klug and Dan Rich, co-creators of Bastard Blasters of Centralia, said they created the clay pigeons to be collectors’ items, but they have received orders from some trap-shooting clubs, KOMO-TV, Seattle, reported Monday.

The men said their top seller has been Obama, followed by U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

“This is not a hate thing,” Rich said. “If they want a hate thing, they have to go somewhere else. This is not about hating; it is just political fun — good fun for us, and a way to make money.”

Read more atUPI.

Clay Pigeons loaded into an automatic thrower.
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Trouble In Paradise, Obama Losing Women Vote, Shocking

Obama Fares Worse Among Women after Month-Long Contraception Mandate Battle
Washington Post poll contradicts Washington Post narrative about female voters.
2:37 PM, MAR 12, 2012 • BY JOHN MCCORMACK

How’s the great contraception mandate battle of 2012 playing out? If you read the Washington Post’s news coverage, the issue is supposedly killing Republicans among female voters. But the newest Washington Post/ABC poll tells a different story.

During the first few days of February, about a week before Obama declared a so-called “accommodation” to the contraception/abortifacient mandate, a Washington Post/ABC poll showed Obama’s approval rating at 50 percent, with 46 percent of Americans disapproving.

Then, from March 7 to 10–a week into the national media firestorm surrounding Rush Limbaugh’s degrading remarks about Georgetown Law student and liberal activist Sandra Fluke–Washington Post/ABC conducted another poll. It found Obama’s approval rating at 46 percent, down four points from February, and his disapproval rating at 50 percent, up four points from February.

Read more at the Weekly Standard.

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Calumet: Cross Country Ski Race Enjoyed By All

Bear Chasers enjoy course
March 12, 2012
By KURT HAUGLIE – DMG writer ([email protected]) , The Daily Mining Gazette

CALUMET TOWNSHIP – At 13 years old, Mitchell DeLong is getting a good start on a career as a cross country ski racer.

DeLong, who is from Calumet, finished first overall in the 14-and-under age division of the 32nd Great Bear Chase cross country ski race Saturday at the Swedetown Trails in Calumet Township. He also won the Birkebeiner cross country ski race in Wisconsin in his age division.

The Great Bear Chase course was in good condition, DeLong said.

“It was all pretty smooth,” he said.

DeLong said he expects there will be more races in his future.

“I enjoy it very much,” he said.

Race Director Angela Luskin, community health coordinator with race organizer Portage Health, said she was pleased with the number of participants in the race this year.

“We had right around 355 racers, but that’s slightly down from last year,” she said. “We’re still very happy with the numbers.”

Read more at Houghton Mining Gazette.

Cross country ski trail in Gatineau Park
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Wisconsin GAB Doing What Democrats and Unions Demand

State elections board allows Fitzgerald recall

MADISON — The Wisconsin elections board voted unanimously Monday to order recalls against four Republican state senators, determining that enough valid signatures were submitted in each case to make them stand for election perhaps as early as May.

The Government Accountability Board did not vote on whether there are enough signatures to order recalls against Gov. Scott Walker and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch. Board members were still reviewing those signatures, but Walker and Kleefisch have not challenged any so recall elections against them are all but certain.

Elections officials want any primary elections in the recalls to be on May 15 with general elections on June 12, but setting those dates would require the order of a judge. If the judge disagrees, the elections would be May 1 and May 29.

Read more at Green Bay Wisconsin.

Seems the GAB is doing what the democrats and unions want them to do. Multiple elections for multiple costs to the tax payers.

Recall Walker
Recall Walker (Photo credit: marctasman)

Milwaukee Police Chief Proposes New Gun Laws

Flynn Proposes More Gun Laws
Boy, there’s a lot of concealed carry news today. Milwaukee’s Police Chief is proposing some changes to Wisconsin’s gun laws that deserve some evaluation. It is a bit disengenuous that he would wait until the final week of the legislative session – when there is virtually no time to properly evaluate and allow public input into the proposals – before announcing his ideas. It smells more like political posturing by the police chief than a serious set of proposals. But still… let’s take a look.

First, straw purchases – buying a firearm for someone who is prohibited from possessing a firearm – are a misdemeanor on a state level, not a felony as they are on a federal level.

I’m fine with that. Make straw purchases a state felony.

Second, the requirements for a gun permit ignore the reality of plea bargains. Many habitual criminals legally qualify for, and could obtain, a concealed-carry permit because they were never convicted of a felony for which they were charged.

Read more at Boots and Sabers.

Gun laws fail safety test: Greens
Gun laws fail safety test: Greens (Photo credit: publik16)


Clubs Help Deer All Winter Long

Sportsmen’s Club, individuals feed deer all winter
March 12, 2012
By GARRETT NEESE , Houghton Daily Mining Gazette

CALUMET – Where do the deer go in winter?

It’s not a question Jerry Fehrmann has to ask. Around 4:30 p.m., he’s got dozens of them in his backyard, feeding.

Fehrmann, who lives near Sedar Bay in the Calumet area, has been a supplemental feeder for deer for the past 11 years.

“When we first moved to the Sedar Bay area, we noticed there were about 15 to 20 deer out here,” he said. “We thought, ‘Well, we’ll help them through the winter.”

Every winter since then, it’s a common sight to see a long line of deer munching on a winding trail of feed.

Read more at the Houghton Daily Mining Gazette

White-tailed deer in Toronto, Canada
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“Making Democracy Work Student Essay Contest”

Benishek urges students to enter democracy essay contest
March 12, 2012
The Daily News
WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Rep. Dan Benishek of Iron River is encouraging students from the Upper Michigan area to participate in the 2012 “Making Democracy Work Student Essay Contest” sponsored by the United States Capitol Historic Society.

“This contest is an excellent opportunity for Northern Michigan students to express their views and explore ways citizens can be more involved in the democratic process. We have no shortage of bright minds in the First District, so I am confident any of our applicants have a good shot at taking home a prize,” said Benishek, a first term lawmaker from Iron River.

Read more at theIron Mountain Daily News.

Dan Benishek, member of the United States Hous...
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Iron County Residents Angry and Frustrated Over Wis Democrats

3/12/2012 1:24:00 AM
‘We need jobs now’
MONTREAL, Wis. – Frustrated, disappointed and angry Iron County residents rallied Saturday in hopes of resurrecting Gogebic Taconite’s apparently dead mining proposal.

“We need jobs now!” the crowd often chanted.

Last week iron mining reform legislation died out in the Wisconsin Senate; the Assembly-drafted bill was one vote short of passage, with all Democratic senators and Republican Sen. Dale Schultz, R-Richland Center, opposed to the bill for its environmental changes and restrictions on contested case hearings. Schultz and Sen. Bob Jauch, D-Poplar, want changes to the bill that GTAC doesn’t support. With the Assembly bill dead and the legislative session ending soon, GTAC announced last week it was canceling the project and looking at creating mines – and jobs – in other states.

Read more at the Ironwood Daily Globe.

MADISON, WI - MARCH 10:  Democratic lawmakers ...
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Michigan: Union Push Back

Push for Amendment Protecting Collective Bargaining Launches in Michigan
A push to protect collective bargaining in Michigan officially launched on Tuesday.
Posted: 6:32 PM Mar 6, 2012
Reporter: Lindsay Veremis

A push to protect collective bargaining in Michigan officially launched on Tuesday.

Union workers and others opposed to “Right to Work” laws have now begun gathering signatures to force a change to the state constitution. They want collective bargaining to be guaranteed in Michigan.

Supporters of a constitutional amendment will need to gather more than 300,000 signatures by July to get the amendment on the November ballot.

The push is part of a pre-emptive strike from unions, on what they see as a seige on middle class workers.

Unions say the amendment goes beyond “Right to Work” but “Right to Work” is a large part of the discussion. Supporters wanted to act before Michigan lawmakers introduce legislation that would make it illegal to force someone to join a union and pay dues as a condition of employment.

“The political environment is very anti-worker right now and that’s why we feel the need to put a constitutional amendment to guarantee that our voice is continually heard,” teacher Jeff Bean said.

Read more at WLIX

WUPN: If the unions are successful with this it will end of Michigan as we know it.

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Miami: Student Stands On Corner For Bad Grades

Florida parents force son to stand on corner with sign as punishment for bad grades
Published March 12, 2012

MIAMI – A Miami seventh-grader’s parents are forcing their son to stand on a street corner with a sign describing his failures in school after he got bad grades, WSVN reports.
Michael Bell. Jr. will be spending his spring break on a street corner near his home after he came home with a report card containing three failing grades. His teachers also reported he was a “class clown.”
In accordance with this report, the front of Michael’s sign reads: “Hey, I want to be a class clown. Is it wrong?”
The back of the sign says: “I’m in the 7th grade and got 3 F’s. Blow your horn if there’s something wrong with that.”
“I got an F in most of my classes so as a punishment I’m supposed to stay here for the whole spring break,” Michael told WSVN as he stood on the corner Saturday.
Both of Michael’s parents were present to ensure he was safe, and to give him food and water.

Read more atFox News.

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Fond Du Lac: Jessica King, Shame, Shame, Shame On Mining Jobs

When state Sen. Jessica King, D-Oshkosh, visited Fond du Lac on Friday to talk about her hopes of restoring transit funding, about 20 people showed up to talk about the failed mining bill in northern Wisconsin and jobs lost.

A group of people approached the bus transfer station in Fond du Lac with signs protesting the vote on the mining bill and signs in support of Gov. Scott Walker.

“Job killer” and “You’re worried about busing? What about 4,000 jobs you killed?” were among the signs displayed by members of the group.

In Fond du Lac, Lillian Nolan created a colorful sign that showed her support for Walker. While most of the other people left the area, she plunked down $1.50 to ride the bus route holding the sign in her seat.

Several people copied those in Madison who protested the state Budget Repair Bill by calling out, “Shame, shame” as King boarded the first bus.

Read more at Fond du Lac Reporter.

London Transit , London Ontario Canada.
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Where Was Tom Barrett Before The Vote

Barrett Blames Walker For Bill Failure

Article | March 8, 2012 – 9:24pm | Ashland Current
Meanwhile, potential Democratic Governor candidate Tom Barrett is blaming incumbent Republican Walker for the current lack of a mining deal.

At a forum in Milwaukee Wednesday, Mayor Barrett lobbed this charge at the governor.

“There is a civil war going on in this state right now and he alone started the civil war.”

Barrett says the ideological war he contends Walker is waging makes it difficult for Walker to get key lawmakers in a room and forge a bipartisan compromise on issues like the possibly dead bill that would have opened the door for a taconite mine in northern Wisconsin. Barrett says in the last week or so, Walker only held mining-related news conferences in key senate districts.

Read more at The Ashland Current.

Tom Barrett was silent when the Wisconsin mining bill was being discussed and now he blames Walker. Where’s the blame for all the democrat senators who voted no? Does Tom Barrett really want to lose to Scott Walker a second time?

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NASCAR: Kobalt 400 Results

2012 Unofficial Race Results : Kobalt Tools 400
Kobalt Tools 400 | March 11, 2012 | Race 3 of 36

1 7 14 Tony Stewart Chevrolet Mobil 1 / Office Depot 48/2 267 Running
2 6 48 Jimmie Johnson Chevrolet Lowe’s / Kobalt Tools 43/1 267 Running
3 9 16 Greg Biffle Ford 3M / Meguiars 42/1 267 Running
4 18 39 Ryan Newman Chevrolet Quicken Loans 40/0 267 Running
5 21 99 Carl Edwards Ford Aflac 39/0 267 Running
6 5 15 Clint Bowyer Toyota 5-hour Energy 39/1 267 Running
7 26 27 Paul Menard Chevrolet Schrock / Menards 37/0 267 Running
8 19 1 Jamie McMurray Chevrolet McDonald’s 36/0 267 Running
9 254 21 Trevor Bayne Ford Motorcraft / Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center 0 267 Running
10 4 88 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Chevrolet National Guard / Diet Mountain Dew 35/1 267 Running

See all results at NASCAR.com

2011 Kobalt Tools 400
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