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Wisconsin Democrats Need a Waaaammmablance

Elections board wants Walker recalls on May 15, June 12

MADISON — Democrats oppose a timeline that would put any primary for Gov. Scott Walker’s recall election on May 15 with the general election on June 12.

Those dates were recommended Friday by the head of the state elections board. They are two weeks later than is required now and any extension would need approval by a judge.

Democratic attorney Jeremy Levinson calls the requested extension “totally unreasonable and unnecessary.” Levinson says he will fight against the additional time in court.

Read more at Green Bay Press Gazette.

Can someone call a waaaammmablance for the dems.

Wis UTV Registration, Licence Plate and Other Changes for 2012

The Permanent Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) Registration Program in Wisconsin Passes the State Legislature

Sheboygan, WI, February 22nd, 2012: The Wisconsin ATV Association (WATVA) representing both ATV & UTV riders is excited to announce passage of a new bill that creates Wisconsin’s next motorized recreational registration program. The bill also makes fundamental changes to the ATV program which adapts changes based on years of feedback from users, local / state/ federal land managers and law enforcement officials.

In a full day of legislative activity, both houses passed the 62 page bill on February 21st 2012. The bill is now headed to the desk of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Read all the information at WATVA’s Blog

We wonder why the state is not in charge of plate charges and distribution. Seems to be a lot of grey areas where you can make a plate yourself.  What I have been told is you will buy them at dealers. What plate number will you be issued? What happens if you lose the plate. Do you get another plate number? All these questions and more will be answered as time goes.  Good to stay close to WATVA


Riding ATV by a Fin
Riding ATV by a Fin (Photo credit: B A Bowen Photography)

Milwaukee: Senate Democrats Starting To Feel The Heat

Balistreri’s Right: State Democrats are Jerks

Lyle Balistreri is with the Building Trades Council of the AFL-CIO, and he’s hopping mad at the Democrats.

“So…Senator Coggs how bout I send 300, 400 of my unemployed guys up to your office and you can explain to them why you voted the way you did! I’ve had it! I’ve had it! “Solidarity” “I’ve had it,” Balistreri said.

Send 1,000, Lyle. The other half can visit Carpenter, or some Madistan Bozocrat.

Read more and get the link at Dad 29

Good for the unions. It time they grew some.

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Guest Op-Ed: Watching Big 10 BB is Like Watching A Peach Basket

By Steve Prestegard

The Big Ten bore
In Sports on March 9, 2012 at 7:00 AM
The Big Ten and other major Division I conferences are holding their men’s basketball tournaments this weekend. (If you flip through your channels and you see something other than college basketball, something is wrong with your TV.)

If you watch the Big Ten tournament in Indianapolis (quarterfinals today, including Wisconsin vs. Indiana at 1:25 p.m.) on the Big Ten Network, and semifinals Saturday and the final Sunday on CBS), you’ll discover what the Wall Street Journal’s Ben Cohen discovered:

Of the 32 conferences that play Division I basketball, the Big Ten has either been the slowest or second-slowest in seven of the last eight years (in conference games) according to kenpom.com, a statistics website. For the entire regular season, the Big Ten is even slower than the Ivy League, which plays as if peach baskets were still in use. …

Cohen suggests it’s because of — or, depending on your perspective, the fault of — Dakich’s college coach, Bobby Knight, who focused on defense first. Cohen interviewed former Purdue coach Gene Keady, who said of his former archrival, “When certain coaching styles are winning, we emulate them. He changed the formula.”

It’s probably better to blame Knight than Clintonville’s and Ripon College’s own Dick Bennett, who didn’t start coaching in the Big Ten until the mid-1990s. Before Bennett came to Madison, he coached at UW–Stevens Point and UW–Green Bay. Lacking access to great athletic talent, he recruited locally and focused on defense. (How much did Bennett focus on defense? He would tell his players on the floor that if they were gassed to rest on offense.) Bennett brought that style of basketball from Green Bay to Madison, which culminated in the Badgers’ 2000 Final Four team.

Another example is Wisconsin coach

, whose first UW paychecks were for serving as an assistant coach for Bill Cofield in the late ’70s and Steve Yoder in the early ’80s. Ryan’s first UW–Platteville teams were known, believe it or not, for playing up-tempo basketball — his first UWP teams would bring in five players at a time. The term “up-tempo” describes nothing about UW basketball today.

A good read here going into the NCAA basketball conference championships and selection Sunday over.

Steve Prestegard blogs over at the the Presteblog and writes for IBWisconsin.com

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Wausau: Union Head Commits Recall Voter Fraud? Really?

Our View: Anti-Galloway activist can’t be believed
12:01 AM, Mar. 9, 2012

Why did John Spiegelhoff sign the petition to recall state Sen. Pam Galloway? His statements to the Wausau Daily Herald have been inconsistent and appear to be an attempt to evade responsibility for an action he should never have taken.

The AFSCME union representative from Merrill has been deeply involved in activism against the policies of Gov. Scott Walker and legislative Republicans including Galloway. He is now running for Merrill City Council in District 2.

As a committed activist, Spiegelhoff knew that he was not Galloway’s constituent. Merrill and all of Lincoln County are the district of Sen. Jim Holperin, a Democrat from Conover who voted against the state’s changes to collective bargaining for public employees.

Elected officials such as Galloway deserve to be held accountable, and activists for any cause absolutely should promote their preferred politics. But the discourse on display in the messages sent by Spiegelhoff is more like what we expect to see out of Internet trolls or people who have no constructive outlet for their partisan frustrations or political energies. We expect more of the leaders of political movements, even citizen-led movements. And we certainly expect more of would-be public officeholders — at the local level or at any level.

Read more at The Hub.

We would think the local D A should take this case up. It was no mistake. John just got caught with his hand in the recall cookie jar.

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227K Jobs Added But Rate Stays At 8.3%, How Does That Work

Jobless Rate Flat at 8.3% Even as Payrolls Grow 227,000
Published: Friday, 9 Mar 2012 | 8:32 AM ET
By: Jeff Cox

The slow melt-up in employment continued during February as the economy added 227,000 new jobs while the unemployment rate held flat at 8.3 percent.

The headline rate was at 9.2 percent as recently as June but has fallen since, benefited both by job creation and the Bureau of Labor Statistics‘ byzantine method of calculating the number.

“Byzantine method”, are they trying to tell you the nubers are fixed?

In fact, when adding the aging population and the decline in population rate against actual jobs created, the unemployment rate likely dropped just 0.04 percentage points since last August, according to an analysis from Nomura Securities economist Aichi Amemiya. According to the government’s measure, though, the rate dropped 0.8 percentage points.

So is it .04 or .08%. Who do we believe here?

An alternative measure of unemployment which does count those who have stopped looking for work dropped to 14.9 percent, its lowest reading since January 2009.

Read more at CNBC.

Watch the media pump up the presidents  reelection news. Hope and change, hope and change. Slight of hand on jobless numbers.


Unemployment line at FDR

Ron Johnson, Reid Ribble To Speak At O C Lincoln Day Luncheon March 17



Tuesday, February 21, 2012
The Republican Party of Oconto County is proud to announce that United States Senator Ron Johnson will be the Keynote Speaker at the Annual Lincoln Day
Luncheon to be held at the Black Bear Trail Banquet Hall in Suring on Saturday,March 17th 2012, starting with a Social Hour at NOON.

We are also pleased that United States Congressman Reid Ribble will be the Featured Speaker, and both Senator Johnson and Representative Ribble will answer
questions from constituents. Republican Candidates for US Senate have also been invited and our Republican State Senator and Assemblymen serving the taxpayers of
Oconto County will attend and provide insight on legislation, as well as their upcoming re-election campaigns.

This is a great opportunity for Oconto County voters to meet their elected officials and candidates as Wisconsin and the USA head into the important 2012 Elections.

Lunch Buffet (corned beef and broasted chicken with salad and sides) is $20 per person with cash bar. For reservations, please send checks to – or pay at the door, but please RSVP to:

Republican Party of Oconto County
P.O. Box 67
Lakewood, WI 54138

For questions or information, contact Kevin Barthel, Chairman Republican Party of
Oconto County at 715-276-3025 or email to [email protected]

Green Bay: The Real Headline, Teachers Cheat, Unions Silent

Eisenhower Elementary School‘s math scores tossed out
State faults Green Bay district in test security breach

Green Bay school officials vow that testing missteps affecting about 200 elementary school students won’t happen again, but the state ordered those results be voided.

The state Department of Public Instruction has thrown out the results of a state math exam taken last fall by third-, fourth- and fifth-graders at Eisenhower Elementary School on the city’s east side because students had “an improper advantage” when they took the test. DPI officials said the district allowed students to see sample tests that contained questions too similar to those on the Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examination.

Read more at Green Bay Press Gazette.

So if we pay teachers on performance, will they also cheat to make more money? Notice there is no mention of the teachers union? Silence is golden!

Heiwa elementary school %u5E73%u548C%u5C0F%u5B...
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People Search For Fraud By Democrats, Overwhelm Web Site

Tea party groups’ state recall verification site ‘overwhelmed’
Database draws 50,000 hits in
11:00 PM, Mar. 8, 2012

MADISON — People wanting to search tea party groups’ online database to check out who signed recall petitions have to get in line — or at least exercise extreme patience.

The website, Verify the Recall, seems to be so flooded with hits that searching the database for even one name can take hours, proving once again just how consumed people are with Wisconsin politics. Or that some of us have far too much time on our hands.

“In the first 20 minutes, we had about 50,000 hits,” Larry Gamble, spokesman for Wisconsin GrandSons of Liberty. “It has not let up.”

Read more at Green Bay Press Gazette.

The paper states “some of us have far too much time on our hands”, really? Maybe people want to find out if some relative added their name to the recall without their knowledge. Maybe which neighbors and friends are really closet liberal democrats who signed the recall against Scott Walker. I think a lot of people are getting a little tired of the liberal, democrat, public union games that are being played! We feel the newspaper reporter has too much times on their hands.

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