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Who Do You Believe The AFL-CIO or The Protesters, Somebody Is Lying

Union boss denies paying protesters, paid protesters disagree [VIDEO]
Published: 2:59 PM 03/04/2012

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka denied that his union pays protesters to attend their protests, despite video footage captured by The Daily Caller that proves otherwise.

TheDC asked Trumka about the video of ”Occupy CPAC” protesters who told theDC that the unions had paid the protesters $60 to attend. The protest was organized by AFL-CIO, but Trumka refused to believe that a protester had admitted to being paid.

Read more and see video at The Daily Caller

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Compassionate Left Media, “I’m glad he’s dead!”

Vile Madison Talk Show On Andrew Breitbart’s Death: “I’m glad he’s dead!”

By Collin Roth

Last Friday, liberal Madison radio-host John “Sly” Sylvester aired an extended segment on 1670 WTDY that celebrated in no uncertain terms the death of conservative activist Andrew Breitbart. Sly posted the 20 minute podcast on his website under the title “Andrew Breitbart: DEAD (thankfully).”

While the title was simply beyond the pale, the content of the podcast is as vile as it gets. Starting at the 5:00 mark and continuing to 6:43 is a monologue by the host Sly in which he mockingly says he would pour weed-killer on Breitbart’s grave. He then compares his joy at the news of Breitbart’s death to that of Yemeni terror leader Anwar al-Awlaki’s death in September 2011.

I’m just tired of people faking that they are sad when people are dead. (laughter) I want to say something, and make it real clear…I will never urinate on his grave. (laughter) I’m gonna pour Round-Up on his grave and I’ll tell you why I’m gonna pour Round-Up on his grave. (Laughter) I’m gonna pour Round-Up on his grave so their’s no chance that he ever comes back to life! And I can kill him like the weed that he was. (Laughter)

I’m glad he’s dead!

Read more at Media Trackers.

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I thought we are to have civility in the world. Will anyone boycott  Sylvester’s sponsors? 

Packers: Flynn Moving On To Greener Pasture

The Green Bay Packers did not use their franchise tag on Matt Flynn, which means the backup quarterback will be an unrestricted free agent in little more than a week.

The deadline for using the tag was 3 p.m. today, and a source confirmed that the Packers did not use the tag.

Read more at Green Bay Press Gazette

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Glad I Cancelled Carbonite

Came across this from Legal Insurrection.

It is time to take a stand against the left-wing tactic of going after advertisers.  Carbonite is the company on which to make that stand.

First, Carbonite is so associated with Rush that it must have a high number of Rush listeners as subscribers.  Far more, I suspect, than those who love to hear Ed Schultz call the Tea Party names.  So a reaction can be effective.

Second, Carbonite is a small public company, so it has to answer to shareholders.  Carbonite’s share price has dropped preciptously in the last several months for reasons having nothing to do with this controversy.  Going political and attacking a large segment of one’s subscriber base seems like a losing business strategy, and the CEO does not have the last word on the subject.

Third, Carbonite is in a weak financial position.  That may be why it reacted to left-wing pressure as it did. But it also is why it may pay a heavy price for its political actions in taking sides.

In Carbonite’s most recent Quarterly filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Carbonite discloses that it loses money hand over fist, and is expected to do so for the foreseeable future [note: I broke the single long paragraph down into multiple paragraphs to make it more readable]:

Risks Related to Our Business

We have experienced losses and negative cash flow since our inception, and we may not be able to achieve or sustain profitability or positive cash flow in the future.

We experienced net losses of $17.4 million for 2008, $19.2 million for 2009, $25.8 million for 2010, and $17.4 million for the nine months ended September 30, 2011, respectively, and have an accumulated deficit of $94.3 million as of September 30, 2011.

We have not generally achieved positive cash flow from our operations or reported net income, and we do not expect to be profitable for the foreseeable future. We expect to continue making significant expenditures to develop and expand our business, including for advertising, customer acquisition, technology infrastructure, storage capacity, product development, and international expansion, in an effort to increase and service our customer base.

In 2011, we have incurred, and expect to continue to incur, increased expenses associated with the relocation of one of our data centers to a new facility, and with relocating our customer service operations from India to the U.S., which will adversely affect our operating results for 2011. We also expect that our quarterly results may fluctuate due to a variety of factors described elsewhere in this Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q, including the timing and amount of our advertising expenditures, which are seasonal, as well as the timing and amount of expenditures related to the development of technologies and solutions and to defend intellectual property infringement and other claims.

In addition, as a public company, we incur significant legal, accounting and other expenses, including increased costs for director and officer liability insurance that we did not incur as a private company. We may also incur increased losses and negative cash flow in the future for a number of reasons, and we may encounter unforeseen expenses, difficulties, complications, delays, and other unknown events.

For these reasons, we expect to continue to record net losses for the next several years and we may not be able to achieve or maintain positive cash flow from operations or profitability.

I am dead set against the tactic of targeted boycotts used as a means of suppressing speech, as I have said many times here.  But simply speaking out against the tactic is not working.

People can criticize Rush Limbaugh, or Sean Hannity, or anyone else.  That’s okay.  The answer to speech one does not like is more speech, not silencing others.  Carbonite has joined the side of those who want to suppress speech.

It’s time to take a stand against those advertisers who succumb to the pressure.  We should not expect advertisers to take sides, and I would not want Carbonite to stop advertising on the Ed Schultz show.  Carbonite should return to its prior, politically neutral position.


Read the rest at Legal Insurrection.

So they will advertise with Ed Schultz and cut off Rush Limbaugh. Glad I cancelled my Carbonite subscription.

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Michigan: More Casinos Proposed

More casinos in Michigan?
New wave of casino proposals surfacing

March 5, 2012
The Associated Press
LANSING (AP) – Fights are under way between groups proposing at least 22 new casinos in Michigan and opponents who are trying to protect the business of existing gambling halls or simply don’t want to see more of them set up in the state.

The Detroit Free Press (on.freep.com/AArZwC ) reported Sunday that it has reviewed confidential documents on proposals for opening new casinos besides the three now operating in Detroit and others charted by Indian groups around Michigan.

A competing proposal comes from another private investor group called Michigan Is Yours. There also are proposals from four tribes for off-reservation casinos, according to the newspaper.

Gov. Rick Snyder, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing, Detroit’s casino owners and major Indian tribes oppose the proposals.

According to the documents that the newspaper reviewed, Michigan First says it has support from Republican ex-Michigan House Speaker Rick Johnson and Democratic ex-state budget director Mitch Irwin.

Read more at The Escanaba Daily Press

Casino Velden Panorama
Casino Velden Panorama (Photo credit: geek7)

Andrew Breitbart, The George Patton Of The Right

The George Patton of right-wing bloggers

Rarely have been there been such strong reactions to the work of a commentator as after the death of Andrew Breitbart last week.

Breitbart worked for the Drudge Report, then helped start the Huffington Post before starting his own media empire, which included Big Government, Big Hollywood, Big Journalism, Big Peace and Breitbart TV. The latter was in Madison chronicling stupid liberal protesters (but I repeat myself) last week. Which makes sense, because Breitbart was in Madison last year:

The first thought that comes to mind is that when you reach your 40s, you don’t like it when someone younger than you dies.

Who was Breitbart?

Read more and see some great videos of Mr. Breitbart at The Presteblogby Steve Prestegard.

Andrew Breitbart
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Time To Turn The Tables On The Left

Rally for Rush

By Jeffrey Lord on 3.5.12 @ 6:10AM

Carbonite CEO tied to MoveOn.org: time for conservatives to fight blacklisting?

So. Did you hear about Carbonite and Rush Limbaugh?

No, you didn’t. Not the way you will in a minute. But first?

It’s time to turn the tables.

It’s time to stand up to the bullies.

It’s time to Rally for Rush.

Rush Limbaugh has discussed at length — at length — what Sandra Fluke and her statist cronies are up to. Yes, he used the words “slut” and “prostitute” — using the ludicrous to make his point. Ms. Fluke, in one of the most pathetic, shamelessly whining stories in recent memory, demands to be paid for her sex life because it costs $3,000 for three years of birth control while she’s at law school. She demands that a Catholic university violate its fundamental right to religious liberty so she can have others pay for her sex life. So Rush asked the farcical obvious about somebody who demands that someone else pay her for her apparent, self-admitted prolific sex life. He spent two solid days relating her greed for other people’s money and a lack of personal responsibility to the oldest of principles.

Right on cue, the blacklisting crowd came out of their Stalinist caves. Having driven Lou Dobbs from CNN, cut off Beck’s windpipe at Fox, severed Pat Buchanan from MSNBC, thus emboldened they have now set their sights on Rush.

And Rush, threatened with his livelihood, has issued this statement:

For over 20 years, I have illustrated the absurd with absurdity, three hours a day, five days a week. In this instance, I chose the wrong words in my analogy of the situation. I did not mean a personal attack on Ms. Fluke.

I think it is absolutely absurd that during these very serious political times, we are discussing personal sexual recreational activities before members of Congress. I personally do not agree that American citizens should pay for these social activities. What happened to personal responsibility and accountability? Where do we draw the line? If this is accepted as the norm, what will follow? Will we be debating if taxpayers should pay for new sneakers for all students that are interested in running to keep fit? In my monologue, I posited that it is not our business whatsoever to know what is going on in anyone’s bedroom nor do I think it is a topic that should reach a Presidential level.

My choice of words was not the best, and in the attempt to be humorous, I created a national stir. I sincerely apologize to Ms. Fluke for the insulting word choices.

This, but of course, was not enough to satisfy. Sandra Fluke herself raced to the Ed Schultz show on MSNBC to denounce Rush. Yes, the same Ed Schulz who not long ago called conservative radio and TV commentator Laura Ingraham a “slut.” And he wasn’t joking either. But suddenly, Ms. Fluke simply didn’t care. Why? Because this entire controversy over Rush’s words was never about the actual subject. It was really about yet another drive to blacklist yet another conservative in the media.

Big mistake. Really big mistake.

Did I mention Carbonite yet? Hold on.

Read more here at the American Spectator.

The sponsors we will boycott are:

Sleep Train
Sleep Number
Legal Zoom
Quicken Loans


WUPN: Just to be up front on this issue we cancelled our Carbonite subscription this morning. 

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Oakland: Their Parents Must Be Proud

Three Occupy Oakland protesters charged with hate crimes

(Reuters) – Three Occupy Oakland protesters accused of surrounding and taunting a woman before stealing her wallet were charged on Friday with robbery and hate crimes, authorities said.

Michael Davis, 32, Nneka Crawford, 23, and Randolph Wilkins, 24, confronted the woman on the streets of Oakland in February after she told them not to riot in her neighborhood, the Oakland Police said in a written release.

“She was surrounded by three protestors and battered as they yelled vulgar epithets regarding their perception of her sexual orientation,” Oakland Police spokeswoman Johnna Watson said.

“Her wallet was taken during the crime,” Watson said. “The victim broke away from the group and called police, who were able to arrest one suspect near the scene.”

Read more at Reuters.

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NFL Bounties Not Fazed By Favre and Warner

Favre, Warner Hardly Fazed After Learning Of Bounties

NFL Says Saints Had Bounty Program 2009-2010

Retired quarterbacks Brett Favre and Kurt Warner weren’t especially troubled to learn that the New Orleans Saints defensive players may have had a little extra incentive to injure them.
“I’m not (angry),” Favre told Sports Illustrated after the NFL reported that the Saints conducted a “bounty” program. During this program — which lasted from 2009-10 — players were given monetary bonuses for hurting opponents.
“It’s football. I don’t think anything less of those guys,” he said. “Said or unsaid, guys do it anyway. If they can drill you and get you out (of the game), they will.”
For his part, Warner wasn’t convinced that he was being targeted for injury.
“I don’t want to say that there was an attempt to injure, but I definitely think there were games where I could tell you that it seemed that they went beyond what was normal in regards to when they were going to hit me or how they were going to hit me,” Warner told NFL Network on Friday.

Read more at WISN.

Kurt Warner
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Central Wisconsin Guns Sales Increase

New law triggers boost in gun sales

Central Wisconsin gun owners said Sunday they are taking advantage of their new right to carry concealed weapons in public, and gun dealers said an increased interest in guns has boosted sales.

The Northcentral Wisconsin Gun Collectors Association held its spring show over the weekend in Marathon Park. It was the group’s 44th show and the first since the state’s concealed carry law took effect Nov. 1. The law gives residents with permits the ability to carry handguns and electronic weapons such as Tasers.

More than 1,000 people attended Saturday’s gun show at Marathon Park, and attendance already was into the hundreds by Sunday afternoon, co-organizer Fred Yulga said. Among the crowd were some of the more than 70,000 people who have applied for a concealed carry permit since November.

Read more at Wausau Daily Herald

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The Father Of The U S Cavalry, Casimir Pulaski

Today is Casimir Pulaski Day.

Casimir Pulaski, Father of the American Cavalry

HISTORY OF CASIMIR PULASKI Casimir Pulaski, the oldest son of Count Joseph Pulaski, was born in March, 1748. At the age of fifteen, he joined his father and other members of the Polish nobility in opposing the Russian and Prussian interference of Polish political affairs.

Outlawed by Russia for his actions on behalf of Polish liberty, he traveled to Paris where he met Benjamin Franklin. Franklin convinced him to support the colonies against England in the American Revolution.

Pulaski impressed with the ideals of a new nation struggling to be free, volunteered his services. Franklin wrote to George Washington describing the young Pole as an officer, renowned throughout Europe for the courage and bravery he displayed in defense of his country¹s freedom.

In 1777, Pulaski arrived in Philadelphia where he met General Washington, Commander-in -Chief of the Continental Army. Later at Brandywine, he came to the aid of Washington’s forces and distinguished himself as a brilliant military tactician. For his efforts, Congress appointed him Brigadier-General in charge of Four Horse Brigades. Then again, at the battles of Germantown and Valley Forge, Pulaski’s knowledge of warfare assisted Washington and his men.

Later in 1778, through Washington’s intervention, Congress approved the establishment of the Cavalry and put Pulaski at its head. The Father of the American Cavalry demanded much of his men and trained them in tested cavalry tactics. He used his own personal finances, when money from Congress was scarce, in order to assure his forces of the finest equipment and personal safety.

Pulaski and his legion were then ordered to defend Little Egg Harbor in New Jersey and Minisink on the Delaware and then south to Charleston, South Carolina. However, it was at the battle of Savannah in 1779 that General Pulaski, riding forth into battle on his horse, fell to the ground mortally wounded by the blast of cannon. It is said, the General’s enemies were so impressed with his courage, that they spared his life and permitted him to be carried from the battlefield. However, two days later, on October 11 Pulaski died.

Today all over the United States there are memorials for Casimir Pulaski. Many parks, streets, statues, and our school bear his name in memory of his courage and commitment to freedom. We are proud to be named the Casimir Pulaski Elementary School.

From New Bedford.

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