Wis Dems Blame Scott Walker For Ryan Braun

Only The Democratic Party Of Wisconsin Could Politicize Ryan Braun

By Collin Roth

Milwaukee Brewers MVP left-fielder Ryan Braun faced the media on Friday after winning an appeal of a positive drug test and a possible 50-game suspension. Wisconsinites from all over rejoiced with the news that the Brewer star was not tainted by the stain of cheating and performance enhancing drugs and would return to Miller Park for a full season.

Yet despite all the high-fives and warm smiles in a state so deeply divided, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin once again reminded everyone that they are they party of disunity, disharmony, and partisan politics. On Friday, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate published a blog post politicizing the Ryan Braun story to attack Republican Governor Scott Walker. An excerpt from the post entitled “Ryan Braun and Collective Bargaining” reads:

Whatever the case, none of this would have been possible without collective bargaining protections won not through the goodness of the baseball owners’ hearts, but because men that came before Braun stood in solidarity for something bigger than themselves.

And this is what Scott Walker can never understand.

Bravo, Mr. Tate. You’ve truly outdone yourself this time.

What is next? Was Gov. Walker somehow responsible for the Packers loss in the playoffs?

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