Escanaba School District : Cut Busing, Sports and Clubs

School district braces for shortfall

Escanaba seeks public input in managing deficit
February 4, 2012

By Jason Raiche – Staff Writer ( , Daily Press

ESCANABA – Officials at Escanaba Area Public Schools are projecting up to a $2.1 million deficit in the district’s budget for the 2012-13 school year, and are asking for community feedback on potential cost-saving strategies.

Superintendent Michele Lemire, along with the district’s Business Director Sue Furney, recently presented this information during one of three budget forums. The forums aim to help community members better understand how the district currently spends its funds, how and where budgets have changed over the years due to less funding, and the potential impact of even less state funding and increased costs.

This amount comes from an estimated enrollment decrease of 20 students, which would mean the district would lose $6,846 of per-pupil funding, for a total of $136,920. It also factors in the loss of one-time state funding the district received this year, which would be a loss of $499,439.

Some potential areas discussed included cutting elective classes, replacing highly-trained and/or credentialed staff by a “service” or “volunteer,” or to possibly eliminate transportation.

“Districts aren’t required to provide transportation, but if we were to eliminate transportation, what would it do to our families?” she questioned.

Other ideas might be to eliminate non-required pupil support services, or make cuts to advanced placement classes or other electives. Another possibility would be to make cuts to athletics, fine arts, or clubs, which account for only 1.43 percent of the district’s budget.

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WUPN : First the superintendent said, “This is fluid and it’s going to change,” then she talks about teaching 20 less students. She then talks about an increase in the Employees Retirement System, huh! The school district is also going to add all day kindergarten which will add more teachers which will add more payroll and benefits, huh!  Then, here it comes, might have cut busing, sports, art classes and more.

The paper talks about past cost savings but you didn’t hear that from the superintendent. No you didn’t hear anything about cutting teaching staff, did you? How about a pay freeze for the whole school district ? The superintendent did a great job of painting doom and gloom and taking away buses and sports. Right out of the old liberal playbook. Good luck to the tax payers of the Escanaba area public school system. Open your wallets.

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