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Wis: Union Helps Reinstate Teacher Who Viewed Porn At School

Arbitrator: Middleton-Cross Plains must reinstate teacher who viewed porn at work

MATTHEW DeFOUR | Wisconsin State Journal | [email protected] | 608-252-6144 | Posted: Wednesday, February 29, 2012 5:00 pm

The Middleton-Cross Plains School District shouldn’t have fired a teacher who viewed pornographic images at work and must reinstate him with back pay and benefits — estimated at about $200,000 — an arbitrator has ruled.

Superintendent Don Johnson and the School Board said in a joint statement Wednesday they were disappointed in the decision by a private arbitrator. They plan to discuss whether to appeal the decision at a meeting scheduled for Monday at 6:30 p.m.

“This ruling completely minimizes conduct that cannot be tolerated,” the statement said. “It sends the message that it is acceptable for employees to view pornography at school, during the student-school day, on school equipment. It also flies in the face of the need to provide a professional work environment and a safe place to educate our children.”

Willie Haus, an attorney representing the Middleton Education Association, said the union’s position was not that Harris was blameless, but that the punishment was excessive.

“We all know what happened here and it’s time to move forward,” Haus said.

Middleton has spent about $343,000 in legal fees on the case and is expected to spend another $25,000 for the arbitrator, spokesman Perry Hibner said. The district estimates back pay and benefits for Harris through the end of this year would total more than $195,000. Back pay and benefits for the two teachers suspended a total of 22 days would cost about $9,200, the district said.

Read more at Wisconsin State Journal. Tip from Boots and Sabers

WUPN: Sure must make you teachers feel proud of your union and it’s leaders. What will teachers do next at school, brothels?  Rotten apples are always thrown out. Funny how teachers want Scott Walker thrown out for doing his job and look at porn in school and they say, no problem.

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Northern Wisconsin Area Snowfall Totals

Area Snowfall Totals: Updated From WBAY
Updated: Feb 29, 2012 6:04 PM CST

Snowfall totals for the Leap Day snowstorm through Wednesday afternoon, according to the National Weather Service:

Snowfall City County
17″ Pembine Marinette
17″ Crandon Forest
14″ Pearson Forest
13″ Caldron Falls Marinette
13″ Mountain Oconto
12.5″ Long Lake Florence
11.4″ Elcho Langlade
10″ White Lake Langlade
10.1″ Washington Island Door
10″ Crivitz Marinette
10″ Townsend Oconto
9″ Menominee, Mich. Menominee
8″ Gillett Oconto
6.5″ Wittenberg Shawano

See more at WBAY

IOWA CITY, IA - FEBRUARY 01:  A snow plow truc...
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President Obama Not Interested in Lowering Gasoline Prices

Energy Secretary Chu Admits Administration OK with High Gas Prices

By Mark Whittington

COMMENTARY | President Barack Obama’s Secretary of Energy Stephen Chu uttered the kind of Washington gaffe that consists of telling the truth when inconvenient. According to Politico, Chu admitted to a House committee that the administration is not interested in lowering gas prices.

Chu, along with the Obama administration, regards the spike in gas prices as a feature rather than a bug. High gas prices provide an incentive for alternate energy technology, a priority for the White House, and a decrease in reliance on oil for energy.

The Heritage Foundation points out that hammering the American consumer with high gas prices to make electric and hybrid cars more appealing is consistent with Obama administration policy and Chu’s philosophy. That explains the refusal to allow the building of the Keystone XL pipeline and to allow drilling in wide areas of the U.S. and offshore areas.

The consequences of the policy are not likely to be of benefit to the Obama administration. The Republican National Committee has already issued a video highlighting the spike in gas prices and the failure of the administration to address the issue.

Read more at Yahoo.

WUPN: This is telling. Gasoline could cost us $6.00 to $8.00 a gal and our president doesn’t care. Eat cake! Will people vote with their wallets come November with $5.00 gasoline?

Secretary of Energy Steven Chu (left) meeting ...
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Remember When Gasoline Was $1.88 Gal

A good read on where gasoline prices were and where they could go and what can be done.

Gas prices that give us gas
February 28, 2012 at 8:00 AM
In the summer of 2008, gas prices in my corner of Wisconsin reached $4.129 per gallon, 6 cents per gallon less than the all-time state record of $4.189 per gallon.

That was in June and July 2008, when gas prices are usually at their highest. show what gas prices have done from then to now:

Gas prices are already at $4.36 per gallon in California. (That’s for regular self-serve; ABC-TV was doing a story from a California gas station last week where prices were already over $5 per gallon, and during the live report gas went up another 10 cents per gallon.) Nationwide, unleaded costs almost $3.67 per gallon. And the summer tourism driving season is three months away.

We know from our 2008 experience what happens when gas prices jump over $4 per gallon and diesel fuel nears $5 per gallon. It’s not just that vacation plans get curbed or canceled. We discover how much fuel prices affect the cost of everything that requires transportation from producer to seller, beginning with food. We also discover how many things come from petroleum, including plastics and rubber. And since police cars use gas and fire trucks use diesel, even the cost of providing government services increases. It seems rather obvious that $5-per-gallon gas is the surest path to tanking our fragile-at-best economy.

Someone therefore should tell President Obama that public impotence is not a winning campaign strategy (see Carter, Jimmy, 1980).

Read more at The Presteblog

On November 17, gas prices had dropped to $1.9...
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RIP, Monkees Davy Jones

(CNN) — Davy Jones, whose charming grin and British accent won the hearts of millions of fans on the 1960s television series “The Monkees,” died Wednesday, according to the Martin County, Florida, sheriff’s office. He was 66.

A witness told authorities he was with Jones in Indiantown, Florida, when Jones “began to complain of not feeling well and having trouble breathing,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement.

Jones was transported to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead, authorities said.

Read more at CNN.

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What Do You Do Without Electricity? Poll

We are up here in northern Wisconsin with snow still coming down. Twice today we have been offline with electrical outages. We hope it doesn’t happen a third, fourth or fifth time tonight.

English: Minnesota Snow Storm
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We thank the electrical company for bringing us back to the real world. What would we do if the power grid went down for days? What would we do if power was out for weeks?  It seems we have a permanent dependency on electricity. In today’s world, how can we live without the internet, without the microwave? Some people depend on .com for work and business?  I was listening to a radio station and an expert told people they should turn on their T V’s for local information. How do I do that with no power? When the power goes out, what do you do to pass the time? How about a poll.



Guest Op-Ed: Doctors, Patients Without The Cloud Of Lawyers

Saying ‘I’m sorry’
Let doctors show they care without certainty of a lawsuit

“I’m sorry.” There’s a tremendous amount of power and comfort in those words. They are words we say to each other when we have wronged them. They are also words that we use to express our empathy and compassion for some malady that has befallen a fellow human being.

From a practical perspective, saying “I’m sorry” doesn’t change or fix anything. It does not reverse a wrong. It does not change the past. There is a reason, however, that mothers separate feuding children and insist that they apologize to each other. An apology is often the first step in a healing process.

At issue in Wisconsin are the legal consequences of doctors saying “I’m sorry.” Under current law, an apology from a doctor can be used as evidence of guilt in a malpractice lawsuit. The premise is that if a doctor apologizes to a patient or the family of a patient, then the doctor must feel guilty about having done something wrong. The problem with that premise is that it ignores the other context in which the words “I’m sorry” is used: to express a very human empathy for a very human loss.

Rep. and Dr. Erik Severson of St. Croix County has introduced a bill to permit doctors to tell patients and their families that they are sorry without it being held against them in court should they be sued at a later date. This is a very humane bill that should be passed and signed by Gov. Walker.

Read the rest here at the West Bend Daily News

Owen B. Robinson, a West Bend resident, is a blogger who publishes at Boots and Sabers. His column runs Tuesdays in the West Bend Daily News.

My medical instrument
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Road Conditions. Wisconsin 511 Service

For update information call 511 Wisconsin travel information. 511 Tip from Bill Mitchell at WHDG 97.3 Rhinelander

North Central Region WIS 70 Woodruff to Oxbo Travel Not Advised 2/29/12 4:32 AM
North Central Region WIS 70 Michigan Line to Eagle River Travel Not Advised 2/29/12 4:32 AM
North Central Region WIS 70 Eagle River to Woodruff Travel Not Advised 2/29/12 4:32 AM
North Central Region WIS 29 Wittenberg to Wausau Ice Covered 2/29/12 4:32 AM
North Central Region WIS 29 Wausau to Abbotsford Ice Covered 2/29/12 4:32 AM

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Racine: No Election Fraud Here, Move Along

Man Who Allegedly Collected Phony Recall Signatures Charged
Racine County DA files nine felony counts against 59-year-old Racine man after he is accused of forging signatures on a petition to recall state Sen. Van Wanggaard.
By Denise Lockwood Email the author February 28, 2012

A man accused of falsely writing in signatures on a petition to recall state Sen. Van Wanggaard — including one from a deceased person — faces nine felony charges.

Mark Demet, 59, of Racine, has been charged by the Racine County District Attorney’s Office with two felony counts of election fraud/nomination certification and seven felony counts of misappropriating identifying information for financial gain. If convicted on all charges, Demet faces up to 42 years in prison and fines up to $90,000.

Read more at Brookfield Patch

Absentee ballot for the 2008 General Election
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Menomonee Wis.: Big Daddy Sandwich

MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis., Feb. 28 (UPI) — A Wisconsin sandwich chain said its new Big Daddy sandwich includes salami, bologna, pepperoni, two types of ham and three types of cheese.

Cousins Subs of Menomonee Falls said the sandwich has 1,470 calories, the equivalent of three McDonald’s Quarter Pounders with Cheese or more than six Johnsonville Stadium Brats, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Tuesday

Read more at UPI

Sandwiches (Photo credit: Joe Shlabotnik)


Romney Wins Arizona Michigan

DETROIT, Feb. 28 (UPI) — Mitt Romney was a double winner Tuesday, capturing the Michigan and Arizona Republican presidential primaries, results showed.

The Detroit Free Press declared Romney the victor over his GOP rivals in Michigan.

With about 96 percent of the precincts counted, Romney had 390,879 votes (41 percent) to Rick Santorum‘s 360,769 (38 percent), results posted by the Free Press showed. Ron Paul was third with 110,948 votes (12 percent) and Newt Gingrich followed with 62,102 votes (7 percent). Another 2 percent voted “uncommitted” and a handful of votes went to several other Republicans who are no longer contenders.

Read more at UPI

Mitt Romney - Caricature
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Michigan Republican Primary Results By County

Michigan Republican Primary results map
FILED UNDER – Local News / Politics/Election 2012 | 2:13 PM, Feb. 28, 2012

Candidates are Santorum, Romney, Paul and Gingrich for the republican primary.
Click on link to Michigan primary results by couty from the Detroit Free Press.

Obama on Canada Pipeline, Now For It, Before Was Against It

TransCanada plans new pipeline

Washington —The White House on Monday welcomed a Canadian company’s plan to build an oil pipeline from Oklahoma to Texas after President Barack Obama blocked the larger Keystone XL pipeline from Canada.

The new proposal by Calgary-based TransCanada does not require presidential approval because it does not cross a U.S. border. The 485-mile pipeline is expected to cost about $2.3 billion and be completed next year, pending approval by federal, state and local governments.

The Obama administration had suggested development of an Oklahoma-to-Texas line to alleviate an oil bottleneck at a Cushing, Okla., storage hub.

Obama rejected the Keystone XL pipeline last month, citing uncertainty over a route that avoids the environmentally sensitive Sandhills region in Nebraska. He said there was not enough time for a fair review before a deadline. The action did not kill the project but, for the second time in three months, put off a tough choice on the pipeline project, which has become the focus of a heated political fight.

Read more at Soo Evening News

WUPN: How can the president now be for a oil pipeline and before this he was against it? Is John Kerry running for president?

Keystone XL demonstration, White House,8-23-20...
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President Speaks To Campaign Donors (UAW)

Obama: GOP would have left auto industry ‘out to dry’


WashingtonPresident Barack Obama delivered a fiery speech to more than 1,600 current and retired autoworkers on Tuesday, saying if Republicans had been in charge they would have left the auto industry “out to dry.”

“There were no private investors or companies out there willing to take a chance on the auto industry. Nobody was lining up to give you guys loans,” Obama said during a 25-minute speech, directly rebutting the idea that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has suggested. “Anyone in the financial sector can tell you that.”

In late 2008, President George W. Bush in the final days of his term agreed to spend $25 billion to save GM, Chrysler and their finance arms. Obama added about $60 billion to the auto bailout, put GM and Chrysler through bankruptcy, and forced a tie-up between Fiat Spa and the Auburn Hills automaker.

Read more at Detroit News

WUPN: Sure glad they don’t have to pay those billions back and even better, the unions will donate heavy to the presidents re-election.

Barack Obama

Michigan Man Avoids Injury At Daytona Fiery Crash, You Tube

MIS employeeavoids serious injury in fiery Daytona crash

Daytona International Speedway
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Duane Barnes, a Michigan International Speedway employee, avoided serious injury when the safety truck he was operating during Monday night’s Daytona 500 was struck by driver Juan Pablo Montoya and burst into flames.

Montoya was driving alone under caution when something broke on his car. He spun hard into the truck, and the collision caused an instant explosion.

The truck was carrying a jet-dryer, as well as 200 gallons of kerosene, which poured down the surface of Turn 3 at Daytona International Speedway after the accident, creating a fiery lasting image of NASCAR’s biggest race of the year.

Read more at Detroit News